About MixBloom

MixBloom is a mix between a tool and a service: we combine our own social media scheduling and content management system with a social media curation and writing service for high growth businesses.

Who we work with

MixBloom customers range from startups to growing businesses looking for help with coming up with fresh, original content in support of their social media strategies.

With MixBloom they get a professional social media manager assigned to their brand, providing a constant stream of content for them to share on their social media channels.

We work with three groups of customers:

  1. Startups – we love working with fast growing companies building new products or services.
  2. High growth small businesses – we’re not focused on a specific sector and we can cover the requirements of most businesses, small to big – if you’re unsure, just get in touch.
  3. Agencies and freelancers – we understand their business and built solutions specifically for them, so they can focus on growing their business rather than on the details of delivering the social media strategies they designed.

They love how much time we can save them!

What kind of content we provide

At MixBloom, we’re big on high quality content.

While we provide original social media content and promotional posts that drive traffic and conversion, we also strongly believe in sharing third party content as a way to position a brand as an authority in its field, provide value and build an audience on social media.

After all, if you’re only talking about yourself, there’s not a lot of “social” in your strategy.

While it’s true, every business is a media channel, you can’t just broadcast about yourself.

Our social media experts will advise you to include the following in your social media schedule:

  1. Your own content, which can be blog posts, online resources, ebooks and even highly informative product pages. This can be continuously promoted on your social media channels without ever repeating yourself (you don’t want to sound like a robot, do you?).
  2. Promotional content, like product pages, service descriptions, promotions, offers and lead magnets. We drive traffic to these pages by coming up with clever content and posts that keep traffic coming, without you ever looking “spammy” or salesy.
  3. Curated content. This generally means interesting, high quality articles, videos and other content produced by influencers or authorities in your industry.

We share posts for you according to your chosen schedule using all the best practices we know, from mentions to hashtags, making sure we take the opportunity to grow your own influence and awareness of your brand.

So how’s MixBloom different?

We offer a high quality service at a fraction of what an agency would charge – starting at $199/month – we can do this without sacrificing quality because we have built tools and systems to source content very efficiently.

Our social media managers focus on the writing and cut their content research and scheduling time.

We know business owners and agency managers want to keep control, without wasting time in email back/forth about tiny adjustments.

We built systems and tools to allow our customers to easily send feedback to our social media managers on each post (if needed), keep control and approve their social meida schedule, connect to tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to automate the publishing of all content across multiple social media networks.

We combine a complete social media service in simple packaged plans, including social media posts writing, creating custom social media graphics and sharing everything for you on a schedule.

There’s no surprises, no hourly rates, no extra fees. It’s all clear and simple, available in packaged flat rate monthly fees, from $199/month.

Curious about trying it?

Start a free trial and get up to 7 free posts and a week to test our service.