Social Media Manager Job Description Template

If this is your first time hiring someone for a social media marketing role, then you might need this job description guide to help you find the right candidate.But before we go through the template, we first need to identify the characteristics that you should look for when ... Read More

Social Media Analytics Tools For Agencies

Analytics on social media are a huge part of a marketing agency's job, because the numbers you get let you analyze how your campaigns are doing. You need to keep your clients updated on your KPI's and if anything major changes on their social media presence. You can use tools such ... Read More

3 Tools To Generate Blog Content Ideas

Marketing today has become more and more dependent on content creation. What happens when you feel like you're out of content to share?  It is a difficult situation to be in especially if you are working towards making your content strategy consistent. I have compiled a list of... Read More

How to Price Your Social Media Packages Effectively

There are two main options for businesses to get social media marketing help: digital marketing agencies and social media managers (hired, or freelance).If you have ended up here, you likely fall into one of those two categories, and don't worry, we have ideas for you either way!... Read More

Instagram Post Examples

This handbook is meant to be your go-to resource for all things Instagram. From simple strategies to post examples, this guide will help you understand the best ways to use Instagram for your business needs.Wondering what to post on Instagram? You can use this article as a great ref... Read More
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