Average Time Spent on Social Media (2022)

average time spent on social media 2022
It’s safe to say that social media is here to stay. From the very first social media site that was launched in 1997 (it was called sixdegrees.com and had profile pages and private messaging) to 2022 where 4.2 billion people used or have used some... Read More

How to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager

Are you looking for ways to work from home and make your own hours? Do you have a passion for social media? If you answered yes to both of those questions, freelance social media management might be the perfect career for you!The demand for high quality content that has the ability ... Read More

Tool Review: HeyOrca

It’s no secret that comprehensive social media management tools and softwares are essential when it comes to streamlining social media as a service for your clients. If you’ve ended up here, you are likely taking time to research the different social media tools to determine which one is t... Read More

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