What Kind of Facebook Posts Get More Likes And Shares?

What kind of Facebook posts get more likes and shares?

Nothing makes a content marketer or small business owner happier than seeing their Facebook posts hitting hundreds of shares.

Shares lead to driving your brand’s message, strengthening relationships, and extending networks.

But not all Facebook posts achieve that high engagement. So what does a winning piece of content on Facebook look like?

Read on to find out what kind of Facebook posts work for brands wanting to grow their presence on the world’s largest social media platform.

What makes people engage with Facebook posts?

In order to create and maintain valuable and shareable Facebook posts, you first need to know who you are creating content for, and why they engage on the platform.

According to a recent study by The New York Times Customer Insight Group, five key reasons people share Facebook posts is to:

  • delight others with valuable & entertaining content
  • identify and present ourselves to others
  • foster relationships
  • achieve self-fulfillment
  • spread the word about issues, products & brand

If you think about your own use of Facebook, what is it about the platform that draws you to it? Is it spying on what your school friends are up to these days? Is it sharing photos from your holiday? Maybe it’s to create an event?

More than any other social media platform, Facebook is about sharing content with the people closest to you: your friends and family. It’s about being entertained, inspired and connected.

It’s unlikely, then, that you’ll be attracted to Facebook posts full of marketing spiel.

Instead, we now expect our Facebook feeds to be filled with interesting, engaging and entertaining content- not intrusive ads.

Keep this in mind as we explore which content sees great results for businesses on Facebook.

What kinds of Facebook posts work best?

The kind of Facebook posts that compels your audience to share and engage can take on many forms. Let’s take a look at some examples now, and check out who’s doing it right.

Curated posts

Today, businesses face more and more demands to consistently produce quality content. This demanding task becomes all the more difficult with the added pressure of time and budget cuts.

Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 content marketing report backs this up. They found that 57% of teams with low results blame their “decrease in success” to a lack of time devoted to content marketing. 37% of them also mentioned budget issues.

With these kinds of restraints, where have businesses and content marketing teams turned to?

Content curation.

Finding and organizing useful, shareable content tailored to specific topics makes the most of a teams’ resources. If businesses use influencers’ content, it can even provide value and integrity to the brand and, of course, reach a far bigger audience.

Pro tip: be sure to annotate third-party content with your own insights/perspective and tag the company/author of the post.

Here at MixBloom, we help you source third-party content, write the posts for you, and schedule the update using Buffer. Find out more here.

Who’s smashing it?

Traveller Collective

Traveller collective third-party Facebook posts

Traveller Collective is quite new to the scene, but it’s quickly racking up a loyal social media following. They regularly share photos, videos and articles from big travel publications such as Matador Network and National Geographic.

Whilst they might not have the resources to make their own travel videos just yet, they keep their audience engaged with quality content they know their community will enjoy.

Notice here how they add their own voice to the post and interact with Matador Network by tagging them, and even thanking them!


With 500 million people watching videos on Facebook daily, you can see why Mark Zuckerberg said: “Video is an important part of the Facebook experience.”

Important is actually an understatement. In 2015, the average viewer watched 12 minutes of video on Facebook every day. And a total of 100 million hours of Facebook video is watched daily.

Yes, Facebook videos are super effective. In fact, they consistently outperform YouTube in terms of viral reach (10 x higher) and show better engagement rates.

From professionally-produced feature videos to short employee “how-to’s” created with tools like Animoto, it’s easier now than ever to add video to your Facebook strategy.

Who’s smashing it?

Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats video Facebook posts

Quaker Oats is always letting people know their oats aren’t just for breakfast.

They post periodic video segments featuring easy recipes for nutritious snacks and baked goods. They go down a treat. Just look at those views!

Live video

Launched in 2015, Facebook Live has already taken social media by a storm.

And why wouldn’t it? It’s an excellent opportunity to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

With up to 4 hours of live time, you are free to create innovative and engaging live content that will inform, educate, and entertain your audience.

While your video may not reach the 164 million viewers Facebook’s #1 Live broadcast of 2016 did (Chewbacca Mom), you have a great shot at capturing some of the 78% online audiences viewing Facebook live videos.

Pro tip: Why not try partnering with a thought-leader for an interview, or take your audience to an industry event/conference?

Who’s smashing it?


Mashable Facebook live

In Mashable’s “daily culture and entertainment show” – Mash On This – the host breaks down latest trending stories in digest form for people on the go.

This exciting format allows the creators to share tons of their content in just a few minutes. It also means that, even if their audience doesn’t have time to read their articles, they are still checking in to Mashable’s social media every day.


What better way is there to show your expertise in a particular subject or demonstrate how to use your products than with a How-To video?

The great thing about How-To’s is that they suit every budget. From professionally filmed and edited videos to an employee doing a product demo in the office, How-To’s capture your audience’s attention in ways that other formats just can’t.

Who’s smashing it?


Tasty How-To Facebook posts

Buzzfeed’s mega-popular Tasty has become one of the most popular pages on Facebook. They feature a step-by-step presentation of mouth-watering dishes being filmed in time-lapse style.

What makes these videos so great is that every recipe is made to look super easy and accessible to anyone– no matter what your cooking skill. This makes the content appealing to almost anyone; encouraging those all-important shares.

Since July of 2016, Tasty has landed itself 52 million likes. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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Company news 

Your Facebook page is a platform to not only promote products and services, but to also share news about your company.

Specific sales offers should be a part of your strategy, but avoid posting only promotional items, or overdoing it with too much hype.

Vary your content calendar with relevant company news such as events, key personnel moves, new initiatives, timely features, awards, and charitable contributions.

Pro tip: If you have some exciting news, don’t write a boring press release! Be creative by posting an image that will resonate with your audience along with a friendly description.

Who’s smashing it?

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent Smoothie's company news Facebook posts

People like to know that the institutions they do business with are ethical and care about more than just the bottom line.

Innocent‘s post about the winners of their ‘Sow and Grow’ competition supports the overall concept of community and food sustainability that their brand represents- whilst earning them a hell of a lot of fans in the process.

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High-quality images

A BuzzSomo survey found that including an image for every 75-100 words increases post shares by 50%.

Why? It’s just how our brains are wired. We process visuals 60,000 times faster than we do text.

High-quality images in Facebook posts include photographs, memes, screenshots, infographics and SlideShare presentations.

While a professional visual content creator and photographer would be able to provide great-looking visuals, there are plenty of DIY options.

For example, there are drag-and-drop infographic tools, powerpoint tutorials, stock photo sites, and you can even learn how to take professional-looking photos on your smartphone. The key is creativity- not huge budgets!

Who’s smashing it?


Pinkberry frozen yoghurt image Facebook posts

The team over at Pinkberry don’t fuss over their snaps. As you can see above, a visual director and photographer probably weren’t used for this shot.

But so what? They still manage to post fun and creative images that perfectly capture their brand: simple, yet delicious-looking frozen yogurt in an urban setting.  

User-generated content

Now more than ever, people are looking to their fellow social media users for wisdom and recommendations. In fact, according to Nielsen, 70% of digital consumers give their trust to online consumer reviews.

User-generated content (UGC) has two major benefits.

First, it conveys great brand experiences in authentic and compelling ways.

Second, it contributes to a brand’s overall content marketing efforts by lightening the load when searching for daily original content.

The best UGC campaigns and contests encourage consumers to share positive messages with their pictures, videos, ideas, guest blogs, and opinions.

With proper planning and the ability to match the promotion with the right audience, consumers will help drive brand messages and build your network. Give it a go!

Who’s smashing it?


Starbucks White cup Challenge Facebook posts

Leave it to Starbucks to come up with one of the most creative and engaging contests.

In 2014, the coffee giant created the White Cup Contest. Customers could decorate their signature white cup, and submit a photo of it using the #WhiteCupContest hashtag.

Generating thousands of entries, the winning design was reproduced in a limited edition of plastic cups in the Fall of 2014. Genius!


We’ve all seen them: motivational or funny quotes that our friends tag us in, or post to our page.

Many of them cause us to pause and reflect for a moment – and the best of them inspire us to share and comment.

Because they are easily relatable and quick to read, they can be really effective in boosting engagement. It’s the quotes that often see hundreds (or even thousands) of likes and, more importantly, shares – depending on a Page’s reach.

Who’s smashing it?

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Strong Women quote Facebook posts

This jewelry retailer provides women with more than just accessories; Stella & Dot strive to help women empower themselves to live purposefully.

As part of their well-implemented content strategy, they will post inspirational quotes meant to uplift and encourage women to be the best versions of themselves.

As you can see, quotes like these have the potential to drive the all-important friend tags and shares.

Behind the scenes

More and more consumers expect transparency from the companies they do business with.

In fact, Label Insight’s 2016 Transparency ROI Study said 81% of people admitted that a company’s level of transparency would encourage them to try out their entire product line.

Behind the scenes content allows you to give people a glimpse into what makes your product or service unique. This adds value to your brand and builds life-long customer loyalty.

Pro tip: why not start by posting contributions from team members, sharing highlights of company retreats, or participation at charity events? The possibilities are endless!

Who’s smashing it?

Harding’s Market

Harding's Market employee spotlight Facebook posts

Harding’s grocery chain in Michigan and Indiana is locally-owned.

Since they know the value of making personal connections between their customers and their employees, they post regular “Employee Spotlights” to build their friendly and customer-centric brand.

With 58 Shares, 108 Comments, and almost 550 total reactions, it looks like their employee Harold has some fans.

Customer support

Social media for business does not end with generating leads and making conversions.There is a real opportunity on these platforms – and Facebook in particular – to foster loyalty and take care of your customers.

A big part of building that trust lies in good customer support online.

A well-thought-out approach to providing customer service on Facebook starts by taking an honest look at any known issues with your product.

It doesn’t stop there, however. You also need to try to forecast any potential problems or circumstances out of your control that may still have an effect on the perception of your brand.

Pro tip: customer care and your social media content teams should work together on this. This way, they’ll be able to target specific content to help solve issues before customers become too unhappy.

Who’s smashing it?


Amazon customer support Facebook posts

Amazon has mastered the art of customer service on social media. As you can see above, they will first respond by sympathizing with the customer and apologizing- no matter what the issue.

Notice how quick “Josh. M’s” response is too; just 5 minutes after the customer posted their complaint. In addition, having the customer assistant’s name at the end of the post is a nice personalized touch.

Current events

Content marketers use this technique-also known as trend marketing- A LOT.

Trend marketing basically piggybacks original content onto popular trends or events in pop culture, music, community and/or big news, and events.

Since there is an already-established interest in these current events, businesses can leverage that popularity to boost their reach and engagement.

Using current events helps your Facebook page pass the “stale news” sniff test as well. Your brand will lose credibility when it lives on a Facebook page that looks like somebody is asleep at the wheel.

Pro tip: make sure the link isn’t too much of a stretch. You still want to share content that will interest your readers. Also, be mindful of your approach. You never want to do anything that could be taken as tasteless.

Who’s smashing it?


Stylist Chocolate week Facebook posts

Here Stylist Magazine has cleverly piggybacked on the trending hashtag #ChocolateWeek.

Chocolate-lovers searching or taking part in #ChocolateWeek conversations (even if they’ve never heard of Stylist), could come across Stylist’s post and (hopefully) engage with it. This means their friends will see the post in their feeds too.

For this video, Stylist simply collaged some images of delicious looking chocolate with some fun chocolate facts. A super simple, yet powerful way to get your brand in front of an audience outside of your following.

Key takeaway- what you can do today

These examples of shareable Facebook posts should help you:

(a) Reach new audiences.

(b) Re-establish the relationships you already have with existing followers.

Remember, no matter what your budget, creating great Facebook posts can be quick and easy- you just need to think outside the box.

For today, take a look at what content you’ve already shared on your Facebook page. Are there any of the above that you haven’t tried yet? Pick a couple that you’d like to try out and start brainstorming some content ideas.

Try them out, and let us know how you get on in the comments!

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