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"They are creative and ship a really awesome product for our agency. They are also incredibly responsive, something that is hard to find in the social media ecosystem."
Brian Hollins
Founder, CEO at Takeoff Institute
"I know a lot about social media as it's a service I offer my own clients. I just never have the time. From the jump, MixBloom knew what I was looking for and how to help."
Liz August
Owner of Simplify, Simplify
"MixBloom is a great partner for social media. Great communication and customer service."
Michael A.
Marketing Manager
"Their platform works very well, and they provide exceptional service. It's like a combination of a SaaS product and a full-service agency."
"I love the people there. I'm big on communication and I appreciate the time they take to communicate with me."
Jose Pineda
Creative Director at Video Cartel