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Your on deman social media team and something more - a partner to help you scale your business.

Founded in 2016, MixBloom provides all the talent, tools and processes to make social media content creation scale, without sacrificing quality. What if you could have a skilled writer learn about all your clients and create quality content to share with their audience and make that ready for your approval every week?

What if content was directly available for approval by your client? What if your client’s comments and requests got directly to the writer, without you having to relay every message?

With MixBloom you get the tools and the team you need to execute your strategy while staying in control. You can share a content schedule to your clients for approval and feedback, all from a white label dashboard you can customize with your logo and run on your domain name. You keep control and oversight, but take yourself out of the loop, so you’re no longer the bottleneck in delivering content to your clients.

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Our Core Team

Mai An


With a branding and marketing background, Mai An started MixBloom to solve common problems when outsourcing social media content creation. She's passionate about helping agency owners scale their business without crazy overwork, stress, burnout.

Mai An previously worked with Brand Union, Latitude and Brand Pie in London, creating campaigns for brands such as Vodafone and Marriott. She has a Masters Degree in Branding from Brunel University in London and studied advertising at the University of Montreal.



Pietro started MixBloom back with Mai An, looking for a solution to his own difficulties finding help for creating social media content for his first business. Today he's in charge of MixBloom's social media scheduling platform and oversees our marketing efforts.

Pietro has previously started software development agency 50pixels in 2012 and MobiLoud, a mobile app platform for small businesses and content publishers.


Lead Content Strategist

Lauren is an experienced Social Media Manager with a strong background in Public Relations and Digital Marketing, and a love for all things social media. She graduated from Western Washington University before making the move to sunny Southern California where she is currently based out of. When she isn’t creating, you can find Lauren adventuring around California with her husband and two dogs, tending to her many houseplants, running, hiking, or traveling. Lauren is passionate about social media and having the opportunity to tell the story of a brand through a creative online presence!


Customer Success Manager

Born in Vancouver, Richard grew up in Taiwan and returned to Canada a few years ago. He enjoys travelling and seeing the world because "that’s the best way to learn and open our minds". During his downtime, he is either learning something or doing nothing. When he is in his “learning mood”, he reads about self-development, investing, and anything that helps him grow. When in his “doing nothing” mood, he sits on the couch or in nature and receives life as it is.

The Creative Team


Social Media Manager

Afton grew up in Washington State and graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. She has always had a love for social media and storytelling, which made her eager to be part of the MixBloom team. Afton currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she enjoys singing and songwriting. In her free time, Afton loves traveling to new places, finding hidden gem coffee shops to read at, and exploring the wilderness.


Social Media Manager

Martyna is a creative copywriter with a background in product development. After graduating from Dublin Business School with a BA in Project Management and working in the Irish health insurance sector for many years, she grew a strong interest in social media, digital marketing, and the art of storytelling. This led her to relocate to The Netherlands and pursue a Diploma in Journalism at United POP in Amsterdam. Originally from Poland, she loves to travel, learn new languages, and considers herself a true digital nomad. When she is not creating content, she is busy writing her book, making music, and advocating for mental health.


Social Media Manager

Jessica grew up in Ontario, Canada and graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA in Psychology. After spending 8+ years in the sales and marketing industry, she found a true passion for all things social media. Jessica strives to help businesses find their voice using creative visual solutions and is very excited to join the MixBloom team! In her free time, you can find Jessica hiking, singing and spending time with her family.


Social Media Manager

Anne is social media manager and content writer with five years of experience in digital marketing. She grew up in the colourful capital of London, and graduated from London Met University with a degree in Fashion Marketing. An avid traveller, she enjoys going on solo adventures and penned the best-selling travel guide PassportReady: The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel. As well as writing, she also enjoys reading and getting stuck in a fast-paced sci-fi or fantasy novel.


Social Media Manager

Eli started writing and doing graphic design as a hobby during her college years. Now, she is on a mission to help creators and businesses tell their stories through creative content in social media. She loves reading novels, manhwas, and watching Asian dramas during her free time. Eli dreams of traveling the world and seeking her 'great perhaps'.


Social Media Manager

Arif was born and raised in London, England and graduated with a MA in Digital Marketing from the University of Southampton. He has an avid interest in content writing and helping brands get their personality out there via social media and blogs. When he's not busy creating content, you can find him on a football pitch, traveling or spending time with friends and family.


Social Media Manager

Selena graduated from the University of St Andrews, Scotland and has 3+ years of digital marketing experience, mostly in the health & wellness sector. She loves the visual storytelling and community-building that social media marketing encourages. Selena is committed to amplifying the voices of brands that deserve to be seen and heard by leveraging their unique identities on their social channels. Outside of work, Selena is most likely teaching yoga, cooking up a storm, creating hilarious pet reels on Instagram (@iggy_eka), or harvesting tomatoes in her vegetable garden.

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