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White Label Social Media Service for Marketing Agencies

Delegate social media content creation to an expert team

Outsource social media content to our talented Social Media Managers and grow your agency with a complete solution that handles the entire process for social media content creation.

Can't keep up with clients needing social content?

With MixBloom you hit the ground running with a complete turnkey solution, including a skilled team of Social Media Managers and a white label scheduling and approvals dashboard.
Add or remove clients as necessary.
No contracts or minimum terms. Cancel anytime. Add or remove clients whenever you need.
Easy Content Review & Approval
Make it easy for your clients to review content, leave feedback, request edits, and approve content for publishing.
Completely White Label
Brand our dashboard with your logo, colors and domain. Share it with clients for them to approve and feedback on content directly.

A Team You Can Trust

Our team of experienced Social Media Managers are skilled in creating engaging, beautiful social posts that will help your clients grow engagement and build a brand.
Work with writers in US, Canada & UK
All our team members are based in US, Canada or the UK. They have a wide range of industry experience, so we can help you create content that is accurate, interesting and informative.
Original, 100% Human written captions
We pride ourselves of our work and guarantee quality, original copywriting from highly skilled writers (no ChatGPT nonsense!)

We Handle the Entire Process

MixBloom can handle all of your agency's social media marketing clients, while you focus on your core expertise.
High-quality design & copywriting
Impress your clients with high-quality social media content, planned, created and published for you.
We handle feedback, edits, approval
Our white label portal lets your clients approve and give feedback on content, so you don’t have to be stuck as the middleman. We take care of all change requests, with unlimited revisions.
Scheduling and publishing included
We don't stop with creating the content. We get it published for you on all social media channels.

White Label Dashboard for Content Review & Approval

Your clients approve posts from a white label dashboard with your own brand. Our team takes care of all feedback and changes.
Completely White Label
Brand our software as your own. Use your logo, colors and domain.
We do the work. You take the credit.
Quality content for your clients, always on time.
Share a simple white label link with clients
No logins required. Clients approve and feedback on content from a safe link on your domain.

How It Works

Start with Onboarding
Meet Laura from our team, get introduced to our dashboard. Agree on a social media strategy for your clients.
Content Creation
Your dedicated Social Media Manager creates content for all social platforms for each of your clients.
Feedback & Approval
Review and suggest changes to posts via our user-friendly dashboard. Your clients can do the same from your white label dashboard.
We schedule and publish your content across all social networks. We'll get to work on your next schedule, and deliver new content every 2 weeks.

Content Examples

Some examples of the social media content MixBloom can create for you and your clients. Toggle between Images and Video, and view more of our examples to sort by industry type!
Beauty & Wellness

You're in good company

"They are creative and ship a really awesome product for our agency. They are also incredibly responsive, something that is hard to find in the social media ecosystem."
Brian Hollins
Founder, CEO at Takeoff Institute
"I know a lot about social media as it's a service I offer my own clients. I just never have the time. From the jump, MixBloom knew what I was looking for and how to help."
Liz August
Owner of Simplify, Simplify
"I love the people there. I'm big on communication and I appreciate the time they take to communicate with me."
Jose Pineda
Creative Director at Video Cartel

Free up time for you to work on growing your agency

MixBloom allows you to be consistent with posting quality content on your clients' socials while freeing up time for you to communicate with clients, work on strategy and growing your own business.
White Label
Customize your dashboard with your brand and your domain, then share it with clients.
Original Designs
Custom, quality images created for your clients for all social media networks.
Impactful Copy
Original captions written for each network, including hashtags and hashtag research.
Social Media Schedule
Easily preview your content schedule. Approve content, leave feedback and get changes done.
Easy Review & Approvals
You or your clients can quickly and easily review content, leave feedback, make edits, and approve content. We'll take care of all of the changes!

Scheduling & Publishing
Once approved, we publish your client's content to their social channels on an agreed schedule, always on time.

Why Pick MixBloom?

Experienced Agency Partner
We specialize in working exclusively with agencies who need high quality, consistent social media content at scale.
Branded White Label Dashboard
We offer an intuitive and professional white label approvals dashboard customized with your agency logo and colors, as well as a unique URL for each of your clients.
Dedicated Social Media Manager
You'll be assigned a dedicated Social Media Manager to create content for all of your clients. All of our SMMs receive ongoing training and as a result of our strong culture, our turnover rate is low, meaning more consistency for you. And all our SMMs are 100% native English speakers!
100% Human Made Content
We pride ourselves on our work and guarantee original copywriting - no ChatGPT! - and custom graphic designs and videos.
Other Agencies:
Small Business Generalists
Other agencies mostly create content for brands and do not have effective tools or workflows set up for agency partners.
Cumbersome Approval Processes
Other agencies manage approvals through email and Google Drive, which might work fine for a single brand, but gets confusing for an agency managing multiple brands.
Rotation of Social Media Managers
Other agencies hire SMMs from non-English turnover, meaning you'll be constantly working with new SMMs and risk inconsistent quality as a result.
Other agencies produce generic, Al-generated content as quickly as possible to keep prices low. You get what you pay for.

Get Started with a Free 7 Day Trial

Try our service for free for 7 days to see how our social media management services and platform can help you grow and serve more clients, all while offering great content consistently and saving countless hours in the process!