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Get a social media team at your service and a whitelabel dashboard to handle all content scheduling and client approvals.

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The Whitelabel Social Media Content Service You Need to Grow Your Agency

Create content that inspires clients and customers, drives traffic and conversions and helps position your clients as experts.

Social Media Experts

We prepare quality social media posts, images, video and more, while you focus on growing your business.

Skilled Creators

Our team of expert copywriters will craft original content designed to engage and convert.

Whitelabel Dashboard

Your clients approve, feedback and edit content directly on your whitelabel dashboard, running on your own site.

Get more social media clients and charge more, without growing your team!

Stop wasting time looking for writers. Forget about contracts. Start working today with one of our professional social media managers at a simple flat rate.

Work with talented creators

Tired of searching for writers, hiring and firing staff that doesn't work out? Work with a dedicated Social Media Manager that knows your clients and their voice.

Content Strategy Workshop

We start by involving you or your client in a strategy definition workshop. We define the brand positioning, ideal customer personas and brand personality before we start creating any content.

Easy content approvals

Eliminate the back-and-forth over feedback and changes. We made approvals and feedback to your writer super easy. Approve content and get any changes done, all from a simple dashboard.

We publish for you

We manage a content calendar for each of your clients, schedule and publish all content for you, after your approval (or your client's), day by day, so you don't have to.

Simple flat-rate pricing

No suprises and easy payments make this a no-brainer. Forget about hourly rates and contracts. We work on fixed monthly rates, so you don't have to worry about word counts. Easily resell our services with flat rate pricing.

Amplify your message

We identify your best and most valuable content and amplify its reach by continuously promoting it on social media with unique posts. Got a new article or offer to promote? Just send us an email.

Content Strategy Workshop

We get on a call with you or your client to help define audience, positioning, customer personas, brand personality and ask key questions to create a solid content strategy.


A simple dashboard for approvals

We create high quality social media content that drives results for your client. You can view, approve and feedback on the content from a simple dashboard.


Completely whitelabel

Get your own whitelabel social media dashboard, customize it with your brand and share it with your clients to present content and ask for approvals (no logins required!).


Simplify Approvals

Get feedback from your clients directly from your whitelabel dashboard. Our Social Media Manager will take your client's input and get to work immediately, while your client communicates with you exclusively.


Your dedicated Social Media Manager

Communicate directly with your Social Media Manager for any changes or requests. They'll agree a strategy with you and coordinate all your content work.


Everything You Need To Create Awesome Content

We created smart tools to allow you to control everything in the content production process, while saving time and keeping control.

Content Calendar

Change your schedule as you see fit, approve, edit, delete or feedback on posts.

Approvals Made Easy

We make it easy for you and your client to preview and approve every new post.

Completely Whitelabel

Customize your dashboard with your brand and your domain, then share it with clients.


Comment and feedback on posts, collaborate with your team.

Monthly Reports

You get monthly reports to share with your clients or internal stakeholders.

Content Library

We create a library of your content you can reuse and multiply for added exposure.

How Does It Work?

You'll start with a call with us to get to know you and your clients, then we take care of everything else. Sit back and wait for content to be ready for approval.

Strategy Workshop

We get together in a 60 minute call to define the brand's voice and target audience and agree on a strategy.

Content Plan

Your Social Media Manager creates a 30 days content plan, you approve the strategy and direction before we start.

Review Your Content

Within days you'll have a social media schedule ready. Review, feedback and approve every post.

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What Customers Say About MixBloom

Our clients love being able to focus on strategy, while we take care of the creative work for their campaigns.

“MixBloom is like an extra team member at our agency. Their content creation services allow us to focus on the work that counts most. Highly recommended!”

"MixBloom makes my life easier! Each week, I can review the content my Social Media Assistant has prepared for me and all my clients. I save countless hours every week and the team has been really helpful with my requests.”

"If you are looking for someone to help create content for your social media clients, MixBloom is the solution for you. From the dashboard you can review everything in just a few minutes. They regularly create awesome content for our audience and their writers are top notch!”

"It’s been great to have someone help me prepare content. The team has been extra responsive and always available to help, going above and beyond what I expected."

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What happens next?

You'll talk with me, Mai An, MixBloom's founder. I'll share all about our content creation processes and how you can leverage our team to streamline content production for your clients, so you can focus on growing your business and stop worrying about revisions.


Mai An Tran
Co-Founder, MixBloom


Our advantage

Agencies work with us because we match their client's brand voice and save them time by putting their clients in control.