The White Label Social Media Agency

Quality content & ads for your clients, always on time.

We match you with professional Social Media Managers who will learn all about your clients – a reliable partner helping you deliver high quality content and social ads at scale.

Tony Shannon

Founder, Risefuel

“MixBloom is like an extra team member at our agency. Their content creation services allow us to focus on the work that counts most. Highly recommended!”

Grow your business without growing your team

No more CVs, no more interviews, and no contracts. With MixBloom, you hit the ground running with a pre-vetted team of writers and social media managers.

Social Media Managers

We prepare quality social media posts, images, video and more, while you focus on growing your business.

Talented Copywriters

Our team of expert copywriters will craft original content and ad campaigns designed to engage and convert.

White Label

Your clients approve, feedback and edit content directly on your white label dashboard, running on your own site.

Quality Guaranteed,

or Your Money Back

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

There’s really no risk with our 15 days guarantee. If you don’t like the content we create within the first 15 days of working together, we will happily refund your money.

Save time and get out of the execution, so you can focus on growth

Finally you can focus on growth and strategy, without worrying about the delivery, dealing with emails and feedback from clients – we’ll do that for you!

Content Schedule

You or your clients can directly approve, edit, delete or feedback on content.

Easy approvals

Feedback and approvals from your clients goes directly to our content creators, for fast changes, with no headaches!

Monthly Reports

Get monthly reports to share with your clients or internal stakeholders (optional)

Published for you

We don’t stop with creating the content, we make sure it’s published on an agreed schedule, always on time.

White Label

Customize your dashboard with your brand and your domain, then share it with clients.

Content and Ads Library

We create a library of your content and ads you can reuse and multiply for added exposure.

Rachel D.

Social Media Agency Owner

“MixBloom makes my life easier! I save countless hours every week and the team has been really helpful with my requests”

Everything you need to deliver social media campaigns

Marketing is hard. Dealing with emails, feedback from clients and figuring out the best strategy for their brand can be exhausting. That’s why we do it for you! With MixBloom, you have a one-stop shop for all your social marketing needs.

We Do Our Homework

With MixBloom, you get a complete strategy that includes identifying the right audience, crafting a cohesive brand personality and content to engage your client’s customers. We’ll schedule a 1 hour strategy consultation and create a strategy document for each brand to get started!

A Dedicated Social Media Manager

Communication is key. MixBloom Social Media Managers are available to work with you on any changes or requests. With a strategy in place, they’ll help coordinate all your content needs for the best results.

Simple, Fast Communication

We’ve all been there. A client requests a change and you have to send emails back and forth until they get what they want. Not with MixBloom! In just a few hours, we’ll take care of the feedback and revise all content.

The Right Mix of Content

Need to get more clicks and sales? We create original text and image based posts to promote your clients’ brand, content, offers and products.

A Simple Dashboard for Approvals

Bring order to chaos with MixBloom. A content management system that lets you review all content, approve it or feedback before it’s posted. Clients can do the same from your white label dashboard!

Completely White Label

With client feedback coming directly to us, our writers and designers take action in the background and your client gets their content fixed in no time. Get out of the execution while looking professional with your clients.


Scale Social Media & Ads Creation with MixBloom

Start with a free 30 minutes consultation with Mai An, our founder

Stay in budget with our simple packages

The perfect solution for marketing agencies who want to grow. You can add or remove clients any time and hit the ground running. Most agencies resell our plans at 3-5x the price.



12 Hand Written Posts
Post to up to 3 networks (Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin)
White Label Dashboard for Approvals and Feedback
1 Hour Strategy Consultation
Strategy Document
No custom images created or Instagram posts


12 Hand Written Posts
12 Custom Images
Post to up to 4 networks Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram
White Label Dashboard for Approvals and Feedback
1 Hour Strategy Consultation
Strategy Document


20 Hand Written Posts
20 Custom Images
Post to up to 4 networks Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram
White Label Dashboard for Approvals and Feedback
1 Hour Strategy Consultation
Strategy Document

Facebook & Instagram Ad Management

From $350/month

MixBloom offers professional ad design and copywriting to deliver ads that sell. Our team of professionals craft social ad copy, creative images, set up and manage ads, and more.

With our 14-day Money Back Guarantee, there’s no risk!

We know you’ll love the content we create – if you don’t, you get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which social networks do you create content for?

We focus on creating original content for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

What kind of posts do you create?

We create social media content that positions your client as an expert in its field, showcases products and trends, drives engagement and traffic towards your client’s website. We create original text and image based posts, as well as posts recommending quality third party content, including articles and videos. We also write questions that drive engagement and feedback from followers.

Can I check everything you write before it goes live?

Yes, whenever your content is ready, we’ll send you a reminder via email so you can log into MixBloom and review and approve all content before it goes out. 

What is the content strategy call for?

We start working with a new brand after holding a call with you (or your team) to gain a full understanding of the brand, its positioning and ideal customer profiles. We’ll brainstorm content topics and provide a strategy document as the output of the workshop.

Can I provide image assets and content ideas?

Yes, we can work with your image library for product images and other materials. We can also amplify your content strategy with ongoing social media promotion, starting with creating tens of social media posts out of every blog article or site pages you want to promote. 

Is this completely white label?

Yes, we are completely invisible to your clients, if you want us to be. We have crated an easy dashboard for you to present all content for approval to your clients using your own brand and domain name.

Do you write blog articles too?

Yes, your Social Media Manager can coordinate the work of our writers to prepare original 1,000+ words blog articles, starting from keyword research, suggesting titles and preparing a content calendar. Articles are proof read and edited by professional editors, we add royalty free images and prepare them for publishing too!

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes, with our 100% No-Risk Guarantee, you have 14 days to request a refund if for any reason you don’t love the content we created for you.

Our clients focus on strategy, while we take care of the delivery

When you’re in need of more content or ads management, but don’t have the time to create it yourself, look no further. We work with tens of agencies and business owners helping them create quality social media content at scale, on time, without getting stuck in the delivery.

“MixBloom makes my life easier! The team has been really helpful with my requests.”

Rachael D.

Social Media Consultant

“The team has been extra responsive and always available to help, going above and beyond what I expected.”

Sandra Kagan-Angell

Founder, Club House Services

“From the dashboard you can review everything in just a few minutes. Their writers are top notch!”

Omar Dalberry

CEO, 5 Kings Marketing


Scale Social Media & Ads Creation with MixBloom

Start with a free 30 minutes consultation with Mai An, our founder