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Curate, write, request approvals from clients on your social media content, then automatically schedule it.

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Find quality curated content for your clients, then mix it with your own

Brands and agencies use MixBloom to save up to 90% of the time they spend on social media content creation.

Find quality content

MixBloom combines content hand-picked by our curators with machine learning to help you find high quality content for maximum engagement.

Re-share your best content

Automatically reshare posts to drive traffic to new and old content. Create and manage collections of evergreen content and import unlimited RSS feeds automatically.

Approvals and collaboration

Collaborate within your team and present social media content to your clients, collect feedback and get approvals all in one place.

What if you could cut content research time to zero?

With MixBloom you get high quality content suggestions, collaboration tools and a network of vetted freelancers to make social media creation scale.

Curate quality content for your audience

Our technology, coupled with our expert content curators, helps you find highly engaging content for your specific audience, cutting research time down to zero.

Find pre-vetted content creators

Outsource social media content creation to expert freelancers, managing all their work from one palce. Scale your business without growing your team.

Share content schedules with clients

Still sharing content with spreadsheets? Now your clients can preview your content in the right context and provide feedback directly in your dashboard.

Re-share your best content

Import unlimited RSS feeds. MixBloom can automate promoting new and old content from your site, helping you craft new social media posts to continue driving traffic to your site.

Automate scheduling

MixBloom integrates with the most popular content scheduling tools on the market (Buffer, Hootsuite and Hubspot), so you can keep working with your existing tools and workflows.

Easily collaborate with clients

Easily collaborate on your social media schedule with your team and clients: review drafts, approve social media posts and creatives all within your whitelabel dashboard.

Make smart curation work for you

Cut research time to zero with highly relevant content suggestions.

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Save 90% of the time you spend creating social media content

MixBloom offers you all the tools you need to scale and streamline your social media content creation process.

Content suggestions

Our curation technology and team helps you consistently share highly relevant, engaging content.

Visual Content Planner

Curate, Write, Review, Edit and Approve, all in one place.

Streamline approvals

Share your whitelabel dashboard with your clients to have them approve and feedback on the content.

Repurpose in-house content

Import RSS content from your blogs. Promote new and old articles with repeated sharing.

Whitelabel dashboard

Make the dashboard your own. Add your logo and colors and host it on your domain.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team members to help you create content collections, prepare schedules or approve content.

Collaborate more effectively with clients

Share content and get approvals from your whitelabel dashboard.

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See why agencies and brands use MixBloom daily

“With MixBloom we've dramatically improved our social media presence in terms of both engagement on the networks and traffic generated towards our site! We've also considerably reduced the time required by our team to create and manage content.”

“We were looking for a quality service to help us deliver high-quality content on our social media accounts. MixBloom has been this solution and more! Not only do they help us find relevant content from industry experts for our business, but they're diligent, timely and responsible.”

“MixBloom has easily saved tens of hours a week for me and my staff. Their content research and schedule creation tools allow us to focus on the work that counts most. MixBloom’s friendly team is always available to help! Highly recommended!”

How are my content suggestions created?

We combine resources hand-picked by our curators with machine learning to create an ongoing, steady flow of high quality content recommendations for your audience.

Will MixBloom help me promote my own content?

Yes, promoting your content on social media is one of the best ways to generate traffic and awareness for your brands and offers. We do this by helping you reshare your best content and drive traffic to your website. You can automatically import your RSS feed or we can set this up for you.

How's MixBloom different from Buffer or Hootsuite?

With MixBloom you find high quality third party content to share, mix it with content you've created and influencer posts and quickly prepare a social media schedule. MixBloom also allows you to easily share your content schedule with your clients for approval.

Do you research sources for me?

Yes, your Content Manager will set up your brand, research relevant sources, monitor your account for quality content suggestions and is also available to assist you in importing content from your blog and other sources. If you need help creating content for social media, check out our content writing services.

Does MixBloom work only with Buffer?

While Hootsuite support is coming soon, for now you’ll need a Buffer account to use MixBloom. Buffer makes it easy to schedule and post your content to multiple social media accounts. You can quickly sign up for a Buffer account if you don’t have one, a free plan is enough.

What social networks can I connect?

MixBloom supports every social network Buffer supports, including Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn, Google+. You can also post image content to Pinterest and Instagram.

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