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June 11, 2024

Social Media Manager Job Description Template (& Free Hiring Guide!)

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If this is your first time hiring someone for a social media marketing role, then you might need this job description guide to help you find the right candidate.

But before we go through the template, we first need to identify the characteristics that you should look for when hiring a social media manager.

What makes a great social media manager?

Creativity: Your social media manager is someone who will be able to create high-quality posts, curate relevant content that your readers or audience will like and give value to them.

Being on social media also means you have to compete with millions of brands around the world for attention. To make it even tougher, people’s attention spans are getting shorter. You might notice this when you see someone scrolling endlessly through his or her Instagram feed.

The challenge today is to catch the attention of the target audience. What would make them stop scrolling? Is it something funny? Interesting? Pretty? Or is it something that they can learn from?

Your social media manager should know how to consider all of these questions and understand that every brand or industry has a different type of audience, therefore they have different behaviours and interests.

Design skills: Great copywriting is essential, but visual content is more and more important these days. Your Social Media Manager should also be a capable designer. From memes to graphics promoting your products, your Social Media Manager should have solid design skills, understand colors, white space, typography, photography and how to present products and people in the most visually appealing way.

Analytical skills: A good manager would be someone who understands how the audience responds to a brand’s posts. As a result, they should be able to formulate social media marketing strategies that would help your brand reach its goals.

Your manager’s job doesn’t end as soon as they’re done posting the content for the day.

There are analytics tools that marketing professionals can use to analyze how a post performed and how much attention the page is getting. These tools are helpful in making your campaigns or strategies more effective.

Knows the latest trends: Finally, your Social Media Manager should always be updated about the latest trends in social media. There are various social media platforms right now and knowing the trends is definitely a must so you can adjust your marketing strategies if needed.

Trends can change really fast and it’s your manager’s duty to be on top of them.

Being updated about current events is also helpful. You want your posts to be published at the right time. If there are unfortunate events, then your social media manager should know that putting your scheduled posts on hold is a wise decision.

Overall, for a Social Media Manager to be successful in their role, they should not only be creative, but should also possess analytical skills to come up with strategies, and implement them at any time on your page.

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Where should I post my job?

You can post on multiple job searching platforms online for a social media role, but choosing up to 3 sites should be more than enough. You wouldn’t want to flood yourself with applicant emails and spend so much time digging for the right candidate.

If you’re looking for freelance social media managers from overseas, you can definitely hire them on Upwork. This site has a huge database of freelancers and shows their portfolio, previous clients’ feedback, with how much they usually charge per hour.

This makes it easier for businesses who have strict budgets to find candidates who are willing to offer their services for an affordable price. Freelancers often work from home or a shared workspace in their countries, and some of them can also work for various employers at the same time.

On the other hand, sites likeIndeedare still relevant if you want to use if you want to work with someone local to your area. It might be a good idea to turn to these sites if the job role is office-based and you want to make sure that your manager is working exclusively for you.

And if you're an agency owner and you want to make this process a whole lot simpler, MixBloom can help you! We have a team of skilled content creators and social media experts who can help agencies create engaging social media content at scale.

Social Media Manager Job Description

Now that you’ve understood the tasks of a social media manager and where to find your candidates, here’s a sample job description that you can use as a guide for your job post.

It's based on what we use at MixBloom to hire our social media managers, so we know it works!

Job Description Template

Freelance Social Media Manager role at Abc Inc. (Remote, Part-Time)

We're a marketing agency based in [New York], working with brands from the fashion, fitness, and health industries.

We’re looking for a talented freelance Social Media Manager to help us with content creation for our clients.

Here’s a quick recap of this role:

  • Work from anywhere, on your own schedule
  • A part-time contract-based freelance role
  • Can you write and design social media posts? This is the role for you

The role is for a native English speaker or equivalent – English might not be your first language but your writing must be at native level.

[Abc Inc] is a social media management agency. We help clients run effective social media and paid search campaigns, create content for their sites and social media accounts.

We help them build a brand and grow their social media presence, drive more traffic to their offers and reach new customers with social media. We do it by giving these businesses a voice on social media with content carefully written for them.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create and curate content that is relevant and valuable to the target audience
  • Use editing tools for photo and video content (Canva)
  • Analyze results and formulate strategies based on them
  • Engage with our client's audience and monitor mentions
  • Keep track of the results of the campaign and create reports for evaluation
  • Interact with followers and keep them engaged

Experience and Qualifications

  • Native-level English writing – proven by existing social media and writing workExcellent copywriting skills, you can write concisely, express yourself clearly and simply
  • Graphic design skills – you need to be comfortable with a tool like Canva and be able to create original images that combine stock photos or product images with text, branding and other elements.
  • You’re reliable and can be trusted to deliver your work on time and respect your commitments to us and clients
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of social media trends and marketing strategies
  • Experience in creating social media ads

We’re looking for smart, independent and creative people who enjoy the opportunity to create content to help a business communicate their brand and offers.

You’ll be made responsible for a number of brands, according to your availability and interest, and we’ll expect you to keep all commitments for content creation for those clients, with minimal supervision.

You can work wherever you want and whenever you want. We like to find responsible people and let them do their job autonomously.

You’ll be part of a growing team of talented professionals and will have the opportunity to grow relationships with others, get guidance and mentorship, up your game and grow into a more senior position.

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Finding a great freelance social media manager is not the easiest task and it is not cheap to hire one as well, especially in today's market. You will be paying a reasonable amount of money to fill in this role so you really need to make sure that you’re choosing the right person for the job.

This person should be reliable, oozing with creativity, and able to create content that is interesting with the right tone of voice. They’re also a critical thinker who analyzes the target audience’s behavior, and is able to use the data given to her to create effective social media marketing campaigns and strategies.

We hope you can use this template that we’ve created as a guide for your job post. Once you've hired someone, make sure to check out our article about how to write a great contract!

And if you're an agency owner looking to launch or expand your social media offering, MixBloom is the fastest and most reliable way for you to have the help of a professional social media manager, skipping all the job posts, interview, training and contract part.

If you’re keen on giving us a try, we’re just one click away!

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