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White Label Social Media Management

We help agencies grow by creating, scheduling and publishing social media content for their clients, all completely white labelled.
White Label
Customize your dashboard with your brand and your domain, then share it with clients.
Quality Graphics & Video
Custom, quality creatives designed for your clients for all social media networks.
Easy Review & Approvals
You or your clients can quickly and easily review content, leave feedback, make edits, and approve content.

Experienced Social Media Managers

Partner with an amazing team of creators (check out our bios) with years of experience working with small businesses. We can help you create engaging, professional social media content that your clients will love!

White label dashboard for review, approval, and feedback.

All content we create for you and your clients is presented in a simple to use dashboard. You can approve the content, make edits, suggest changes, send feedback to your Social Media Manager. Your clients can do exactly the same from a white label view branded with your logo and domain name.

We get the whole job done

We don't just create the content - we'll handle change requests and feedback from you and your client (with unlimited revisions) and get content published for you on the schedule we agreed. Finally take social media content creation off your to-do list!

You're in good company

"They are creative and ship a really awesome product for our agency. They are also incredibly responsive, something that is hard to find in the social media ecosystem."
Brian Hollins
Founder, CEO at Takeoff Institute
"I know a lot about social media as it's a service I offer my own clients. I just never have the time. From the jump, MixBloom knew what I was looking for and how to help."
Liz August
Owner of Simplify, Simplify
"MixBloom is a great partner for social media. Great communication and customer service."
Michael A.
Marketing Manager
"Their platform works very well, and they provide exceptional service. It's like a combination of a SaaS product and a full-service agency."
"I love the people there. I'm big on communication and I appreciate the time they take to communicate with me."
Jose Pineda
Creative Director at Video Cartel
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Your questions, answered.

Everything you need to know about our services and billing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our FAQs or contact us and we’ll be in touch.
Who will create the content?

Our team is made up of talented social media managers and content creators in the US, Canada, UK, with experience creating engaging designs and captions, specifically for social media. They're both great designers and talented copywriters.

Every new client is assigned to one of our team members (see our About page) who will take the time to get to know the brand, their target market, customer personas, brand personality and branding guidelines. We strive to create content that is always on-brand and of the highest quality.

We work with our agency partners to deliver original, well-researched, custom-designed social media content for their clients, content that aligns with their target audience and creates affinity and connection between the brand and their customers

Do you provide community management or engagement services?

No, we don't provide this at the moment.

What is white label social media marketing?

A white label social media marketing service is a service that your agency can easily resell as its own.

This means that you can offer social media content services to your clients and add recurring revenue without having to hire more people and figure out the best processes to deliver the service.

With a white label social media content service like MixBloom's you can scale up and down, adding or removing clients as needed, without any impact for your internal team.

Why sell social media content management services?

Offering social media content management if you're not doing it already, allows you to deliver a complete content and social media marketing service to your clients, complementing any SEO or ad management service you might be providing.

A recurring service by definition - as a brand, you always need fresh content for social media - social media management gives you an opportunity to add more recurring revenue and build a lasting, ongoing relationship with clients. This in turn generates more opportunities to sell additional services to your clients.

What makes MixBloom a unique white label social media service?

What makes MixBloom unique is the combination of a talented content creation team and a white label software platform to handle content scheduling, feedback, approvals and publishing.

We specialize in white label content creation for digital agencies who want to offer social media content services without having to grow their team and invest in expensive software.

Is this ideal for agencies already offering social media management?

Yes! For agencies already offering social media management services, we're less expensive than hiring internally, but offer way more than just cost savings.

We're dependable, reliable and scalable, meaning you can add and remove clients as needed, without stressing or overworking your team.

We also give you access to a simple to use, white label scheduling and approvals software that lets you simplify communications and cut back and forth with clients, offering significant time and cost savings (similar software is sold at $100/client).

With our simple and clear pricing, you can finally offer your clients social media packages knowing exactly what your margin will be.

What is MixBloom's white label scheduling software?

A unique component of MixBloom is our white label scheduling platform. We have developed our own dashboard which allows our clients to easily review content, leave feedback or change requests, and approve content, all in one place.

The platform can be easily white labeled (i.e. run on your domain and with your branding) so that you can share the content directly to your clients.

Once content has been approved, our platform will schedule and publish content, making the process efficient and effortless for everyone involved.

What is MixBloom's process for white label clients?

Your client is unaware of the fact that you have outsourced this work since you continue to manage the relationship with them and all content is shared with them (optionally) from a white label dashboard branded with your name and domain.

Once we create the content, we email you with a link to our white label platform. From there, you can review, approve, or leave feedback on individual posts.

You can also share a white label schedule link with your client so they too can review content and feedback. Any feedback left on the platform will be addressed directly by the writer who created it within 2-3 business days.

Once the content is approved, our team takes care of scheduling and publishing the content to your client's social media channels, following a pre-determined publishing schedule.

Every two weeks, you can expect a brand new batch of content to be uploaded to the dashboard, so your client's social media channels will always have new, original content on a regular basis!

You'll be alerted to new content by your writer, over email. We'll follow up while there's anything left to approve, so rest assured you'll never miss a deadline or leave a client without content!

What kind of content does MixBloom provide?

MixBloom creates organic social media content including a original graphics, captions, text posts and hashtags. We offer content for the four main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Do you also create reels and video?

Yes! We create custom video content for all social platforms featuring your own footage or a combination of stock footage and graphic elements. See our Plans with Video (check the switch above our price plans) that include reels and video posts.

How is content published to my client's social media accounts?

MixBloom own platform includes scheduling and white label content approval and feedback tools. We integrate with Buffer and Hubspot to automate publishing content on a schedule.

If you're an agency, this ensures you and your client are the only ones with access to the social media accounts and that we're not visible in any way to your client.

Buffer is the best solution to allow automated content posting on a schedule across the 4 main social networks including Instagram Business. As an agency, we recommend you sign up for a paid plan and add all your client's profiles under the same account.

If your client is using Hubspot, or you're an Hubspot agency, then this will be your best choice.

Can I request content to promote a new blog post, product or event?

Yes! You're in direct contact with your Social Media Manager and you can ask them to create social media posts to promote anything from new products to new events or your latest blog posts, webinar or anything else.

Can I request content for national or international holidays or events?

Yes! We'll proactively suggest we create content for holidays relevant for the brand and those that would apply to most e.g. "International Women's Day". You can also make specific requests.

Does the customer get access to the white label portal for approvals? What does their dashboard look like?

Yes! They will have a custom white label URL to review and approve content. Their dashboard view will be customized with your brand logo and colors - below are your agency view of the dashboard, and the client's view.

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