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Our Story

How MixBloom started and what we're working for

We’re a small bootstrapped, fully remote company. We’re not the usual founders either.

We’re a recently married couple, Mai An and Pietro, with the ambition of running our own independent business. Pietro has been doing this for a while with his own app business, MobiLoud. I have a background in marketing and branding and a few years of agency experience.

We believe in running a small business driven by the only goal of serving our customers in the best possible way. A company where customers fund our growth daily by choosing to work with us.

An old school business of sorts, like thousands everywhere in the world, where we all work towards running a profitable venture that can run on its own, employ great people and make our customers happy.

We’ve started in 2016 with the idea of creating the software we needed to be able to automate and streamline the most tedious processes in social media content management and curation. Once we were done with that, we realized we only did half the work.

Customer feedback came in quickly - everyone wanted original, custom content - so we eventually decided to change our trajectory and offer a complete social media content creation service, because we believe to really deliver value for our customers we needed to provide a finished job.

Over the years we've worked with hundreds of brands and agencies, helping them create high quality social media content at scale. We've built white label tools for agencies to present content to their clients for approvals and feedback, helping them save time and be more efficient.

In 2022 we're keen to grow and help many other agencies and businesses serious about driving their growth with social media and great content.

We're excited to give our all-remote team of 10+ people an opportunity to do great creative work they love, while being able to pursue other interests and whatever they love in life - we have yoga instructors, dancers, country singers, photographers, hikers, life-long learners, book writers and more!

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