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We built MixBloom for agencies and brands that recognize they need help to grow and scale their content production. Not just another person on their payroll, they need a system.

Founded in 2016, MixBloom provides all the talent, tools and processes to make social media and blog content creation scale, without sacrificing quality. What if you could have a skilled writer learn about all your clients and create quality content to share with their audience and make that ready for your approval every week?

What if content was directly available for approval by your client? What if your client’s comments and requests got directly to the writer, without you having to relay every message?

With MixBloom you get the tools and the team you need to execute your strategy while staying in control. You can share a content schedule to your clients for approval and feedback, all from a white label dashboard you can customize with your logo and run on your domain name. You keep control and oversight, but take yourself out of the loop, so you’re no longer the bottleneck in delivering content to your clients.

Meet the MixBloom Team

Mai An Tran


I’ve started MixBloom to solve common problems when outsourcing content creation: today we have a set of tools, a team of social media managers and a whitelabel dashboard to help agencies scale content creation without losing control or getting stuck as the middleman in every communication with clients.

I have an agency background in marketing and branding: I’ve worked with Brand Union, Latitude and Brand Pie on campaigns for brands such as Vodafone and Marriott. I have a Masters Degree in Branding from Brunel University in London and a Certificate in Advertising from the University of Montreal.


Lead Content Strategist

Lauren is an experienced Social Media Manager with a strong background in Public Relations and Digital Marketing, and a love for all things social media. She graduated from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington before making the move to sunny Southern California where she is currently based out of. When she isn’t creating, you can find Lauren adventuring around California with her husband and two dogs, tending to her many houseplants, running, hiking, or traveling.

Lauren is passionate about social media and having the opportunity to tell the story of a brand through a creative online presence! Lauren is excited to be part of the MixBloom family and to help bring your brands to life!


Social Media Manager

Yvonne Worden is an experienced visual storyteller with a background in nonprofit communications and destination marketing. After graduating from Western Washington University and working in marketing for a few years, she decided to move to Japan and teach English. She loved living abroad and has since started her adventure as a freelance marketer and digital nomad. When Yvonne isn’t busy working, she can be found hiking, running, taking trains, riding ferries, and practicing yoga. She loves to explore new coffee shops, journal, read, study languages and make videos. Yvonne is excited to help MixBloom clients make the most of their social networks and storytelling potential! She always aims to create content that is attractive, compelling and impactful. 


Content Writer

Madison is a Graphic Designer and Communications Professional. Graduating from Western Washington University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, she’s passionate about helping businesses find the strongest way to convey their brand. She loves finding creative visual solutions and bringing clients’ visions to life. Based in Seattle, Washington, she loves digital illustration, reality tv, backpacking, and her tuxedo cat.


Social Media Manager

Cristina has a background in communications and digital marketing. She is certified by DigitalMarketer and has a Master’s degree in Communication and PR from the Universidad de Barcelona in Spain, a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Advertising from UDLA, and an Arts Associate in Marketing and Sales from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. 

Cristina is now based in Quito, Ecuador, after over eight years of living abroad, seven of which were spent in Norway working as a Social Media Project Coordinator and on other digital marketing positions. She is passionate about languages, travel, and social media. In her spare time, Cristina enjoys traveling around Ecuador, taking pictures, working on her health, and sharing her experiences in her travel and wellness blogs. 


Content Writer

Narisa is the latest addition to the growing team operating from Bangkok, Thailand. With over five years of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization experience, she strives to bridge the marketing gap between brands and audiences.

During her off time, Narisa enjoys writing short stories, creating graphics in Canva, trying out new less-than-five-ingredient recipes, or taking an afternoon nap in sunny Bangkok.


Social Media Manager

Afton grew up in Washington State and graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. She has always had a love for social media and storytelling, which made her eager to be part of the Mixbloom team. Afton currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she enjoys singing and songwriting. In her free time, Afton loves traveling to new places, finding hidden gem coffee shops to read at, and exploring the wilderness.

Afton is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with clients and to bring their social media platforms to life!


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