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About MixBloom

MixBloom is the best way to outsource social media and content creation, while staying in control.

It all started when we needed a solution to our own social media content creation challenges. Finding the right person to help with content is tough, you know that.

Forget about job sites, there are gems there, but how will you find them? Everything takes time and mistakes will cost you real money. We've been there.

We built MixBloom for businesses and agencies that have understood they need to outsource content creation to make the most of the opportunity offered by social media. They need more than just another person on their payroll, they need a system. MixBloom provides all the talent, tools and processes to make social media content creation scale.

What if you could have a skilled Project Manager learn about your brand, find and create the best content to share with your audience?

What if you knew you had content ready for your social media channels, updated every day, and you still got to stay in control through tight approval policies?

With MixBloom you get the tools and the people you need to make social media work for you.

We handle content creation, scheduling and content approvals all in our own convenient dashboard. You can feedback directly on content, keep control of what gets posted for you, and preview it before it's sent out.

If you're an agency, you can share a content schedule to your clients for approval and feedback, all from a whitelabel dashboard you can customize with your logo and run on your domain name. You keep control and oversight, but take yourself out of the loop, so you're no longer the bottleneck in delivering content to your clients.

We knew the solution had to get the job done for you. That's why we built MixBloom and why we think you'll love it.

Mai An Tran
Co-Founder, MixBloom

Our Team

Our remote team works from all over the world.



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