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About MixBloom

MixBloom is the best way to outsource social media content creation, while staying in control.

We built MixBloom for agencies and consultants that know they need help to scale their business and focus on the strategy, while campaign delivery is handled by a trusted partner. They need more than just another person on their payroll, they need a system. MixBloom provides all the talent, tools and processes to make social media content creation scale.

What if you could have a skilled Social Media Manager learn about all your clients, find and create the best content to share with their audience, prepare daily content and make that ready for approval every month?

The problem most agencies have when outsourcing content is they'll find themselves relaying feedback from clients, back and forth to the creatives, meaning they can never fully get out of the execution. With MixBloom instead they get the tools to present content to their clients, with feedback getting straight to the creatives.

With MixBloom you get the tools and the team you need to execute your client strategy while staying in control.

You can share a content schedule to your clients for approval and feedback, all from a whitelabel dashboard you can customize with your logo and run on your domain name. You keep control and oversight, but take yourself out of the loop, so you're no longer the bottleneck in delivering content to your clients.

We knew the solution had to get the job done for you. That's why we built MixBloom and why we think you'll love it.

Mai An Tran
Co-Founder, MixBloom

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