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January 11, 2024

How Agencies Can Leverage Google My Business for Maximum Impact

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As a digital marketing agency, one of your primary goals is to help your clients optimize their online presence and visibility. One powerful tool you can utilize is Google My Business (GMB), a free tool that allows local businesses to manage their presence across various Google products.

In this article, we'll explore how agencies can leverage GMB for maximum impact, from understanding the platform to optimizing client profiles and utilizing advanced features.

Understanding Google My Business for Agencies

Google My Business (formerly known as Google Business Profile) is a free platform that allows businesses to create and manage their online presence across Google Search and Google Maps.

With a GMB listing, business owners can share essential information like their address, contact details, and hours of operation. They can also engage with customers through reviews, messaging, and Google Posts, as well as monitor analytics related to their listing's performance.

But what are the benefits of Google My Business for agencies and their clients?

Benefits of Google My Business for Agencies

  1. Increased visibility: With a well-optimized Google My Business listing, businesses can appear in the coveted local three-pack in Google search results, potentially leading to more traffic and sales.
  2. Improved user experience: GMB offers potential customers more accessible and accurate information, making it easier for them to find and engage with local businesses.
  3. Easy management: Agencies can manage multiple client profiles through a single agency account, streamlining the process and saving time.
  4. Direct engagement: GMB offers various built-in features that allow businesses to engage directly with customers, including reviews, messaging, and Google Posts.
  5. Valuable insights: Agencies can access valuable insights and analytics to help refine their clients' marketing strategies and make informed decisions.

Setting Up a Google My Business Agency Account

When managing multiple clients' GMB listings, creating an agency account simplifies the process. Follow these simple steps to establish your agency account:

  1. Create or sign in to your Google account: If you don't already have a Google account, create one. If you do, sign in to your account.
  2. Visit the Google My Business "Create an Agency Account" page: This page will guide you through the process of creating your agency account.
  3. Enter your agency's details and submit for verification: Google will verify your agency's details, so make sure to enter accurate information.
  4. Invite clients to add you as a manager: Once your agency account is verified, you can invite clients to add you as a manager to their GMB listing or transfer ownership to your agency account. This step will allow you to manage their GMB listings on their behalf.

Optimizing Your Clients' Google My Business Profiles

Now that you understand the power of GMB, let's explore the various ways you can optimize your clients' profiles for maximum impact.

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Claiming and Verifying Business Listings

First and foremost, ensure your client's business listing is claimed and verified. This not only prevents unauthorized changes to the listing but also improves its visibility in search results. Verification can typically be done via mail, phone, or email, depending on the type of business and location.

Ensuring Accurate and Consistent Information

Always double-check that all information on a client's GMB profile is accurate, complete, and consistent with other online listings. Regularly update information like business hours, especially during holidays or special events, email address, and business locations.

Consistent and accurate data helps build trust with potential customers and can improve the listing's search ranking and increase organic traffic.

Utilizing Categories and Attributes

Effectively use categories and attributes to improve the discoverability of your client's listing.

While the primary category should be the most relevant to the business, add additional categories that describe its products, services, or offerings.

Attributes, like outdoor seating or free Wi-Fi, further enhance the listing and help potential customers find your client's business more easily.

Adding High-Quality Photos and Videos

Visual content can have a significant impact on a GMB listing's effectiveness. Upload high-quality photos and videos that showcase your client's business, their products, and services. Include both interior and exterior images to provide potential customers with a comprehensive idea of the business environment.

Encouraging and Managing Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews are crucial for improving a business's online reputation and visibility, so encourage your clients' customers to leave reviews. Always monitor and respond to both positive and negative feedback professionally and promptly, demonstrating the business's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Leveraging Google My Business Features for Increased Visibility

Maximizing the impact of GMB listings requires a strategic utilization of its various features. Here are some key elements to focus on:

Utilizing Google Posts for Promotions and Updates

Google Posts enables businesses to share updates, promotions, and news directly through their GMB listing, improving their reach and engagement with potential customers.

Regularly creating and updating Google Posts with interesting and relevant content, such as upcoming events, can boost your client's online presence and showcase their offerings.

Engaging with Customers through Messaging

Enable GMB messaging for your client's listing to allow customers to ask questions, make appointments, or give feedback directly. Respond promptly and professionally, enhancing customer experience and building trust.

Implementing Booking and Appointment Features

If your client's business relies on bookings or appointments, integrate scheduling partners with their GMB listing to streamline the process for customers. This feature allows users to book directly from the listing, improving conversion rates and overall convenience.

Monitoring and Responding to Questions and Answers

Pay attention to the Q&A feature on your client's GMB listing. Regularly answer new questions, address inaccuracies, and provide helpful responses that showcase the business's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Conclusion & Recommended Reading

In conclusion, Google My Business is a powerful tool that, when leveraged effectively, can significantly impact your clients' online presence and, ultimately, their success. By understanding the platform, optimizing listings, and utilizing advanced features, your agency can help clients make the most of their GMB profiles and maximize their online visibility.

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