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March 20, 2024

Sendible Reviews, Alternatives, Pricing

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There are a million and one social media management apps to choose from out there, which is why we’ve decided to do in-depth reviews on what the industry has deemed the most popular so you can make the right decision for your company. In this post we'll be reviewing Sendible, a top player in the social media management space - read on to learn about its competitors, fees, alternatives, features, advantages and disadvantages.

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What is Sendible?

Sendible is a very popular social media management app that’s currently being used by over 30,000 agencies and companies around the world including Expedia, NHS24 and Texas University. 

The way it works is simple. You sign up for one of Sendible’s monthly plans and get instant access to the Sendible app where you can set up your brand's account and start creating and posting content!

Sendible also offers a white label option, meaning that they can reconfigure the dashboard so that it matches your company colors, themes and also features your company logo.

The white label option is a separate monthly plan which changes in price based on your company’s needs. 

Sendible Features

Here are some of Sendible’s more notable features:

  • All-in-one dashboard

Sendible’s dashboard has pretty much everything you would need to engage, monitor and track your client’s social media campaign. 

You can choose to sort direct messages and comments into one feed, so it’s easy to review and reply. 

You can also monitor what people on the internet are saying about your brand with the @mention tracker so you never miss out on the latest gossip.

With the dashboard, you will be able to utilize their “sentiment analysis” tool which analyzes the emotions behind the text and at the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to generate ROI reports that are straight-forward and easy for your clients to understand.

  • Simple scheduler

The Sendible app gives you the ability to schedule social posts - including videos, photos and mentions - months in advance. This way, you will be able to give your clients a clear picture of how their full social media campaign will play out.

  • In-app content creation

One of the cool things about Sendible is that it’s hooked up to Canva, Google Drive and visual databases like GIPHY and Pexels. You can actually resize your images directly in the app to fit into each platform type!

  • Communication tools

Sendible has lots of opportunities for communication and collaboration. Once a post is finished, you have the option to alert a team member to approve it. You can also delegate certain comments and direct messages to other members of your team to deal with.

Like many other workplace collaboration apps, there is an option for “tiered access” so you can control how much your clients or teammates can see.

  • Advanced analytics

Choose to send automatic reports to the clients or stakeholders either daily, weekly or monthly.

Their AI analytics tools will let you know what the optimal time to post is for your audience, who your most engaged followers are and your most successful posts so you know how to adjust your strategy going forward.

  • Mobile capabilities

If you or your client would rather design and post through a tablet or phone, Sendible has a mobile version that allows you to do just that!

  • Resource center

Sendible’s resource center features articles on common troubleshooting issues and frequently asked questions. It’s handy for when it’s late at night and you need to solve a technical error quickly. 

Sendible Integrations 

Sendible is highly integrated when it comes to third-party apps including Canva, Google Drive, GIPHY and Pexels. This means you don’t have to click away to a different app or website to retrieve elements for your graphics - it’s all right there, ready to use!

Sendible is also connected to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business, Youtube and Wordpress, allowing the user to post on multiple platforms with a single click. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for social post creation. 

Sendible Pricing Options

Sendible is moderately priced compared to other social media management platform subscriptions. Here are Sendible’s rates:

  • Their “Creator” plan is $29 per month which is geared towards influencers and solo creators. This plan allows you to manage 1 brand on the platform with 6 different social profiles. 
  • Their “Traction” plan is $89 per month and is aimed at small agencies and start-ups. If you only have a few social media clients at the moment, this plan would be perfect as it allows you to manage 4+ brands on the platform and 24 different social profiles.
  • Their “Scale” plan is $199 per month and is aimed at growing agencies. This plan allows you to manage 7+ brands on the platform and 49 social profiles. It is Sendible’s most popular plan.
  • Their “Custom” plan does not have a fixed price and is “custom” depending on what the agency needs. This plan allows for unlimited brands to be managed on the platform. It also gives the option to “white label” your dashboard, so if you wanted to custom design your app so it features your logo and matches your agency’s colors and theme, this would be the plan to go with. 

Sendible Limitations

Although Sendible has a lot of really incredible features, there are a few things you should look out for before fully committing to a Sendible plan.

  • No savings for a yearly subscription

Other social media management platforms will usually offer a discount of around 15% or so when you sign up for a full year, however; Sendible doesn't offer a special “full year Sendible discount” for long-term customers. 

  • Slow loading times

Some users have said that the @mentions search feature loads a lot slower than other features on the Sendible app. This might be something to be wary of if fast loading speeds is important to you. 

  • Limited @mention feature

The @mention feature allows the user to see where they have been mentioned in other posts; however this feature is only compatible with Twitter at the moment. This makes sense because Twitter is the only social media platform that has a @mention tab, but hopefully in the future they will integrate mentions and tags for Instagram and Facebook. 

  • Limited photo editing features

One great thing about Sendible is that you can crop and edit photos right on the platform. But, there are some limitations. The photo editing tool does not allow you to save your work and come back to it later. If you want to change your edits, you have to start over from the beginning.

  • Occasional glitches

One thing to watch out for when using Sendible for agencies or even for your own brand is that some users have reported glitches where Sendible will disconnect from social accounts and the user will have to go back in and reconnect it.

This could be due to an issue with the user’s internet or an actual glitch in the app software. Either way, it’s good to be aware that this could happen.

Honest Sendible Reviews

All in all, Sendible is a great choice for either a solo creator, small agency or large agency to create, schedule and post social media content. This app has garnered a lot of positive feedback from both agencies and their clients. 

Larger agencies might want to be careful with the occasional glitches that have been reported as well as the limits with the photo editing tool and the @mention tool. 

Sendible Alternatives

Sendible has proven itself to be an incredible social media management app, but there are some Sendible competitors out there that we think are just as good or maybe even better.

1. MixBloom

MixBloom offers both a white label social media management app as well as white label services.

Our plans start at $239 per month and include a white label social media management app (with your company logo and colors) as well as white label social media services that provides between 8-20 posts per client, per month. 

Sendible provides just the social media management software itself, not the white label services. So if you are a super busy agency that needs help on the social media side, MixBloom could be a great (and affordable) option! Book a call to learn about our free 7-day trial today.

2. Agorapulse

Agorapulse offers an intuitive, easy-to-use social media management app that keeps your campaign organized and on track. 

They offer a free plan for solo creators that gives you the capacity to manage 1 brand and 4 social profiles. Their most expensive plan is $199 per month and allows for 4 brands and 20 profiles.

Some of their top features include social media inbox organization, social media monitoring, automatic reporting and a publishing tool.

If you’re looking for a social media scheduler that’s easy to navigate and starts at a low price point, Agorapulse could be exactly what you need.

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is very similar to Sendible in that it has almost everything you need to run a campaign under one roof. It’s integrated with other apps and websites like Vimeo, Etsy and Wordpress. 

It also offers a free plan for solo creators which allows for 1 brand and 3 social accounts. From there you can go all the way up to their VIP plan which allows for 25 social accounts.

Crowdfire is geared towards smaller agencies and solo creators. So if you are thinking of getting more serious about your social media strategy and have a small handful of accounts to manage, then Crowdfire would be a great option. 

Why MixBloom could be your best option

Unlike Sendible who only provides the app itself, MixBloom provides both a white label social media app as well as a white label social media team to create and post your content for you.

You just sign up for one of MixBloom’s monthly plans and in return will receive a custom white label app and a dedicated social media manager, who will create posts for your clients’ campaigns as well as interact with your clients through the app and email.

Sendible charges $199 per month to manage 7 brands on their social media app, which will still have the Sendible logo and design on it.

MixBloom, on the other hand, offers pricing plans starting at $249 per month for everything Sendible provides, plus a custom designed, white label app, as well as 8-20 posts per client, per month.

If you are a growing agency that needs a social media team and white label software ASAP, consider signing up for MixBloom.


When it comes to social media management software, there’s so many options out there. Sendible is great because it has everything you need to run a campaign in one, easy-to-use app. 

Companies like MixBloom take it a step further and offer (in addition to an easy-to-use app), white labeling and a social media team.

Make sure to do your research before choosing your social media management software so that it fits into your stage of growth as well as gives you everything you need to pull off the best campaign possible for your clients. 

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