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January 11, 2024

The Best 6 Social Video Maker Tools

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Videos are one one of the most powerful forms of marketing and social media communication. To put it into perspective, the Hootsuite Digital 2022 Report reveals that video is the fourth main reason why people surf the internet and social media. This highlights huge potential for you to build brand awareness, promote your products and services and engage with customers by adding video marketing into your social media strategy.

86% of businesses are now using video as a marketing tool with the majority of marketers considering video to be the best type of content for return on investment (ROI) these days - not surprising as video makes up for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic and TikTok videos and Insta reels take the world by storm.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your video skill set or are wondering where to begin, fear not! In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best social media video tools that can help you create powerful marketing and social videos to attract those all-important eyeballs.

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Search the internet and app stores and you’ll find a number of social media video creator apps but we’ve picked out - what we believe - are the best six social media video maker tools. 

1. Animoto

What we like about Animoto is that it caters for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out in video or if you’re a fully-fledged social media video creator, animoto is a quick and easy app to make your video content come to life.

Another perk? There’s a free version! This comes with three standard fonts, standard quality video (720p), a generous list of 50 music tracks and 30 color swatches. 

While the free plan allows you to create unlimited videos and is easy on the wallet, all published videos will come with the Animoto watermark - maybe not the greatest professional finish on your marketing content though.

To combat this, you can upgrade your account. Of course this comes with a price but compared to others, Animoto is pretty reasonable. 

The basic package sets you back just $6 per month - this upgrades you to HD and gets rid of the Animoto branding but doesn’t really offer much freedom when it comes to the fonts, music and color palette. 

If you’re on the beginner end of the social media video creator spectrum but don’t want to compromise on features or a professional look of your videos, we recommend the ‘Professional’ package for $12 per month. With this you get:

  • No watermark
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Add your logo and brand colors (you’re able to save one brand too!)
  • More fonts
  • HD
  • 3,000 licenced audio tracks
  • Voiceover feature 
  • Over 1m licenced stock photos and videos

There is also a premium version for $29 per month. This offers a few more features like uploading your own font to align your brand guidelines and accounts for up to three users - handy for social media marketing agencies with more than one video creator. 

Using Animoto is pretty simple and similar to other video creation tools. When you go into the desktop or iOS app, here are some of the things that you can do: 

  • Find a template
  • Upload all of the media and logo you want to use - perhaps this is your own or from the stock footage and images
  • Drag and drop your media into the frames on the storyboard 
  • Open each frame individually
  • Choose fonts, edit texts, add subtitles and adjust size of text
  • Change text and background colors
  • Turn on legibility button to make the text more readable
  • Move and delete frames as and when needed
  • Preview your video
  • Download your video
  • Share your video via a range of platforms

2. Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is another social video maker tool that allows you to crop, trim, merge and add text, music, watermark, stickers and filters to your videos.

Got a video that’s GIF-worthy? You can make it with Vimeo Create too!

The app prides itself on being ‘the easiest video maker ever’, so it’s worth a try, right?

First things first, choose your plan. Like Animoto, there is a basic package or paid versions - the Plus, Pro, Business or Premium.

If you’re just starting out in video and it’s unlikely that you’ll be creating many videos per month, the lower-end versions will have all of the features you will need to produce successful video campaigns. These will cost you between $6 and $16 per month.

On the flip side, if you’re a bigger video marketer and would make use of the exclusive features, the obvious choice would be to go Business or Premium, which are priced up to $70 per month.

In Vimeo Create, you can:

  • Start from scratch or use a pre-made template
  • Customize templates
  • Change text color using the color palette or create a new color
  • Add brand colors
  • Move text
  • Easily change and swap your media on the scenes
  • Use a wide range of stock images and videos 
  • Preview your video throughout production
  • Edit the style of your video
  • Select from a long list of audio tracks or add in your own (you can hover over the audio before adding it in so you can see if it fits your video)
  • Filter audio through moods, genres and categories
  • Pick out a layout for the social media platform you choose (all the layouts with each of the dimensions are readily available) 
  • Render, preview, upload and share your video!

3. Biteable

The next of our best marketing video maker tools is Biteable. With its reputation of enabling marketers to create ‘business-boosting’ videos in just five minutes, it makes it one of the top apps for video content creation.

Biteable allows you to produce high-quality (and quick!) videos for social media marketing, business, corporate, HR, presentations, sales or training. So, whether you’re looking to share your video to your Twitter followers, jazz up your internal communications or nail your business pitch, Biteable is worth a go.

This too has a free version, which offers you the basic features and the Biteable watermark. 

While the Pro and Team paid versions are a little on the expensive side compared to the others we’ve talked about so far (ranging to $249 per month), there’s no doubt that you will be able to create videos that will be a welcomed addition to your social media content calendar.

With Biteable, you can:

  • Filter what kind of template you want - by the purpose or audience 
  • Use readily available stock footage and images
  • Add and edit text with a large selection of fonts
  • Include your company logo
  • Add and delete scenes 
  • Choose your audio from the selection, which can be filtered according to genre
  • Upload your own audio track 
  • Use color palettes 
  • Preview, download and share

4. Lumen 5

Ready to ‘supercharge your content strategy’? 

Another tool on our list which is guaranteed to be one of the best ways to create videos for social media is Lumen 5. 

Lumen 5 offers the Community, Creator, Premium and Business bundles with prices ranging from $0 to $149.

In a modern approach to video creation, Lumen 5 uses artificial intelligence technology to design user-friendly videos to help you show off your brand and communicate with your audience.

You can upload your own content and turn it into a video - perhaps this is a blog, a script or other types of media.

Lumen 5 allows you to: 

  • Choose a specific video format depending on the platform you’re planning to post it on
  • Pick a theme from one of Lumen 5’s recommended ‘new’ themes or original ones
  • Cross-reference a handy ‘how to’ guide whilst creating your first video
  • Search through a built-in library of images, videos and GIFS
  • Add and edit text
  • Change font color, reposition and adjust text size
  • Add a call to action in your video
  • Search for free audio tracks - you can filter these by mood
  • Easily change elements of the video by clicking through the pages on the side such as ‘style’ and ‘layout’
  • Preview, download and share


Bring your ideas to life with - a social video maker site that can help you produce engaging video content in a matter of minutes.

The tools and services that offers are vast. From video making, video compressing, picture montages and GIF editing (and much more!), there is everything you’ll need to give your social media content a boost. 

One of the things we particularly love about this app is the calendar feature which gives an overview of ideas and templates for each month of the year. You can filter through the months to find awareness days that are associated with your brand or industry.

For example, if you’re a bakery or dessert parlor, you can jump on #DonutDay on June 4th and create videos on to share on the day. This is a pretty cool feature that takes a lot of the research out when it comes to video content planning. markets its plans as ‘unlimited’, ‘simple’, and ‘affordable’. On the lower end there’s the ‘annual basic for $18 per month - this comes with plenty of features you need to give your marketing communications a revamp. But, if you want access to that handy social media calendar, unlimited everything, reseller rights and white-label sharing, you’ll have to upgrade to ‘the annual standard’ or ‘the annual pro’. The latter is perfect for marketing agencies and freelance social media marketers who will be creating video content for multiple clients and multiple platforms. 

With, you can: 

  • Find a multitude of templates. Of course you can create your own but if you’re pushed for time, why not make use of the work other creators have done?
  • Add and edit text 
  • Place your logo in the video
  • Choose from a range of stock footage and images from well-established libraries like iStock and gettyimages
  • Change text styles
  • Adjust text and background colors 
  • Drag boxes to scale text and images
  • Hover over video layers to edit and trim parts of the video
  • Select layouts for scenes ie: split screen effects
  • Add your own music or pick out a perfect audio from the ones provides
  • Filter audio by mood and tempo
  • Save, preview, download and share

6. Shakr

For bigger organizations and marketing agencies, we’d recommend a more premium video marker tool like Shakr. 

While it’s on the pricey side - from $2000 per month at the top end - it’s a fantastic option which uses data to automatically scale creative production. As trusted by the likes of McDonald’s, American Express, Meta and TikTok, it’s definitely a go-to video creation platform that will help you compete with the big corporate brands. 

Smaller brands - who don’t really need all of the advanced features - can make use of the $200 per month ‘Creative Lite’ package. This provides a quick and easy video production solution with thousands of professionally developed templates to choose from. 

What can you do with Shakr? 

  • Turn your best creative media and ideas into programmable video templates
  • Automatically scale creative production through data
  • Distribute creative channels across paid and earned media channels 
  • Integrate and automate end-to-end video production with API
  • Edit by drag and drop with SDK
  • Use thousands of high-quality templates created by professional designers

These are just a few video marker tools that can help you create powerful marketing and social videos. No matter where you are on your social video creator journey, with the above tools you will be able to create videos that are high quality, engaging and effective in helping you smash your social media marketing goals. 

With the video marketing industry booming right now, many social media agencies offer video-making services. Take a look at our social media video packages to see how we can help you get your video marketing off the ground.

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