Tool Review: Planable

Social media management can be an overwhelming responsibility for business owners and agency teams alike. The initial content creation through content review, scheduling, and publishing can be time consuming and tedious if not done in an efficient manner, especially if you are managing numerous clients. Many digital agencies are always on the hunt for new tools and processes to optimize their performance and streamline their workflows and this makes social media management tools a must for digital agencies.

We have previously explored HeyOrca in a tool review and so we wanted to take this opportunity to do an in-depth review of a similar tool, Planable

What is Planable? 

Planable is a social media management tool designed for social media managers and agency owners to help them manage multiple social media platforms from one visual dashboard. It allows everyone involved to collaborate, plan, and manage social media campaigns and brands across different projects.

Planable was created with one goal in mind: to solve the challenges of managing multiple social media accounts simultaneously.


In the dashboard, you can set up workspaces, which Planable defines as “a collaborative space for your brand’s social media content.” Each workspace is used for a different brand which works especially well for agencies that manage multiple companies and brands as you will be able to seamlessly manage all of the content in one place. From each brand’s dashboard, you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which are the four channels that Planable is integrated with.

How does Planable work?

From the Planable dashboard, you are able to upload social media posts for each of your brand’s channels. From there, your team members can edit or comment on each post, allowing for a collaborative approach to content creation.


The real attraction to Planable is it’s interface. The dashboard has been built similarly to the social media channels that many already use which makes it intuitive to use with less of a learning curve for new users. You can directly make comments and edits on the side of the content so everyone can see what changes need to be made. This easy-to-use functionality was created with the end-users in mind. Nicely done here. 

Workspace Setup

The initial setup is visually appealing with an interactive screen walking you through each step of the onboarding process.  When you first log in, you will be prompted to upload your company name and logo then you will be instructed to select whether you are a brand or an agency.

From there, the dashboard will walk you through the process of creating a workspace where you will be asked to enter the email and the name of your team members who will be working on that brand. Once the workspace has been set up, you will be prompted to connect the brand’s social media channels; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or all of the above.


Workspace Usability

Post schedule and calendar is another well-designed functionality. At one glance, you get a clear overview of all the scheduled content. This suits the needs of social media managers who need to manage multiple brands. You can select between feed view, calendar view, list view, and grid view. This is where you can easily drag posts between days and display them by week or month. 


Overall, Planable provides everything you will want in a social media management tool at a reasonable price. Definitely, a worthy consideration if you have been shopping around for a tool. But there is more to this review, we want to see how Planable compares to MixBloom. 

Plans and Pricing

What makes Planable an appealing option is the fact that they offer a completely free version of their product, with a limit of 50 posts, this will give you a good idea of how the platform functions and then you can decide to upgrade different plans.

The Starter Plan costs $39 for one workspace; this allows up to three users and unlimited posts per month. The Premium Plan costs $99/month, includes five workspaces and up to seven users, you can contact Planable directly for pricing details. In short, the pricing depends on the number of workspaces and users needed.

What if you need more than just a social media management tool?

If you are looking for strictly a social media management tool, then Planable is a great option. But, if you, like most digital agencies, are also on the hunt for content creation services, in addition to a social media management tool, then MixBloom may be the best choice for you!

While Mixbloom and Planable may be similar at a glance, their offerings are actually quite different. As previously outlined, Planable is a social media management tool whereas MixBloom is a complete white label social media service for agencies that includes both content creation as well as access to a social media dashboard very similar to Planable. 

Here at MixBloom, we differentiate ourselves from Planable because we offer everything Planable has (and more).

MixBloom Features

The most important differentiator is our content creation service. Here at MixBloom, we have an expert team of social media managers, talented copywriters, and creative designers dedicated to creating original social media content for your clients. Working with us is like having your own in-house content creation team, without you having to lead and train a whole new department.

In addition to content creation, all of our clients also get access to our unique white-label dashboard. This dashboard can be customized with your brand colors, logo, and name, and will live on your own domain. From the dashboard, you will be able to review, edit, leave feedback, and approve content to then be published across a number of social media channels. 



Our unique dashboard takes you nearly out of the equation, allowing for seamless communication between us and your client, completely white labeled. Once your client reviews content, any feedback or edit requests will go directly to our team, allowing us to implement changes in a timely manner. The dashboard also allows our team to notify you when new content is ready for review or when edits and changes have been made. All in all, the dashboard streamlines the entire content creation, review, approval, and publishing process allowing you to focus your attention on more lucrative business tasks.

Comparable to Planable, our MixBloom plans start at $199 for content creation and access to our unique dashboard with upgrades based on the number of monthly posts needed. Find more in-depth information about our plans and pricing here.


There are many tools out there when it comes to social media management but none also offer custom content creation services in tandem with their tool. But, MixBloom does! We are here to help you deliver original social media content to your clients with an effective, streamlined process, sure to help you scale your business today.

See a free demo of our software and book a free consultation here.

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