Social Media Content Suggestions

Many content and social media marketers relied heavily on Hootsuite and Buffer’s “Suggestion” features. When these features were abandoned, marketers were sent scrambling to find a useful alternative or face skimming through tens of news sites in order to create interesting content.

There’s no lack of social media management tools that include content suggestions and I’ve included a few in this article.

If you’re looking for the ones that really excel and provide marketers with intuitive content directly related to their industry or niche, then this list is for you.

We built MixBloom to solve exactly this problem, but we didn’t just build a tool, we built a complete social media management service that comes with its own powerful white label scheduling and approvals tool. It’s easier and faster than hiring your own social media manager the old way!

So if you’re open to working with an actual person who will learn about your brand or clients and prepare and schedule content for you, then make sure to check it out, otherwise skip MixBloom and go through the tools I’ve put together in this list.


MixBloom is ideal for both agencies and brands

MixBloom works to match agencies and marketers with a social media professional whose main goal is to generate and post exciting, relevant content for their social media channels.

MixBloom takes it a step further than just generating suggested content. – which we do, in our Suggestions tab. You can either let your Social Media Manager pick content for you, or select the posts you want he or she to write for you.

Your dedicated Social Media Manager not only hand-picks the best content for you, but creates original social media posts tailored specifically to your social media channels.

In order to create these posts for you, your Social Media Manager searches through an array of the latest industry-related news, videos, and images in order to create posts that will keep your channels fresh and engaging.

The content is delivered to you through a convenient dashboard as well as through email to give you a chance to sift through and perform quality control. Then the content is posted to your sites based on your chosen weekly schedule.

What about promoting my products?

MixBloom creates original text or image content recommending third-party articles or videos, your own ideas or articles, as well as personalized promotional posts for your business.

There is virtually no limit on the type of content that MixBloom can provide and their services will save you plenty of time each week. Typically, after you have set up a MixBloom social media account, the only work required of you is looking over the content delivered to you weekly. Your social media manager will do the rest.

How is my content promoted?

Your social media manager can create several original posts for each of your products, including eBooks, landing pages, articles, and more.

You can either choose the pages you want to be promoted or let MixBloom check your RSS feed to select the best content to use.

This content may include product or service announcements or just general content surrounding your offered products or current postings.

The social media posts we create are designed to continuously drive traffic to your selected pages for months to come.

What social media channels do you cover?

MixBloom will create content for Facebook, Facebook Groups or Pages, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social outlet supported by Buffer with any of our three monthly payment plans.

A white label social media dashboard, too!

MixBloom is a great option for agencies looking to manage their clients’ social media accounts.

Not only we take care of all social media content creation for them, we can make our dashboard accessible to agency clients completely white label. They’ll share a simple link with their clients, who can then review the content, feedback and request edits directly to our writers.


Nuzzel offers a suggested content feature that

is a bit different from other providers. This is because Nuzzel’s suggested

content is sourced from content that is being shared by your digital peers,

meaning the content all comes from posts that your social circle is already

sharing and talking about, which helps keep your content relevant to those who

will see it. You receive daily content briefings giving you the low down on

this relevant content, making it easier and quicker for you to decide what to

share with your followers and clients. The content shared with you can easily

be shared with you’re entire marketing team, which can give you the upper


Nuzzel offers suggested content but takes it a step further

Nuzzel will load you down with suggested

content in their intelligence reports, but Nuzzel also produces “Interest

Scores,” which help you determine exactly which stories are most relevant and

useful for you. This way, everything you share on your social media channels is

sure to pique the interest of your followers and keep on the topic based on

your chosen keywords. Nuzzel also quickly creates newsletters containing

industry-specific news as well, which further saves you priceless time.

There are several different monthly plans for Nuzzel

These include the Professional, Team, and

Enterprise plans with five, ten, and 20 monthly intelligence reports

respectively. Each plan increases slightly in price, as well as the number of

people receiving the regularly updated reports. Nuzzel has plans that work well

even with large teams, sending out the curated intelligence report to up to 50

people each time. This will help keep your entire team on track simultaneously

and save you time and hassle. This level of collaboration is one main reason

Nuzzle makes the list of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

Nuzzel will integrate directly with your Slack account

Curated content can be delivered by Nuzzel

directly to your existing Slack account, making it easier than ever to share

new content amongst your team. Nuzzel also provides a research tool within your

Slack profile to help you find specific content in a jiffy.

Who does Nuzzel target?

Nuzzel is great for content marketers to stay

on top of the game and save valuable time finding relevant and engaging content

for their regular social media posts. However, Nuzzle is useful for other

reasons. Investors can use Nuzzel to track valuable information on their

investments and gain insight on possible future financial decisions. PR Agents

can use Nuzzle to keep up with the latest news and trends in their respective industries.

Nuzzel can be used by any person looking for specifically filtered, relevant

news content tailored to their personal needs and interests.



DrumUp is another easy way to find intriguing

content for your regular social media posts. The intuitive program offers

features like social media management and scheduled posting, so it takes

several important marketing tasks off your hands.

DrumUp is a convenient app

DrumUp is a comprehensive content curation app

that searches thousands of the most relevant websites for content tailored to

you and your business. Because this is an app, you can easily skim, select, and

share content from your device, all from an easy to use interface. Content is

selected based on your chosen keywords and delivered to you regularly. The app

is updated daily so you can easily stay on top of the latest news in your

industry. With daily updates running out of fresh content is unlikely. With

DrumUp, you can instantly post exciting content to your social media channels

or add them to a running queue to be automatically posted at a scheduled time.

DrumUp allows you to schedule posts similarly to the way you could schedule

Hootsuite content suggestions.

A Google Chrome extension makes it easy to add articles to your queue

DrumUp offers a convenient extension for

Google Chrome users that allows you to easily add interesting content you find

in your queue to be automatically posted at a later date. This content can be

easily shared amongst your social media accounts, as DrumUp simultaneously

supports multiple channels.

Enjoy extras like hashtag recommendations and automatic links to new blog posts

DrumUp will provide you with relevant hashtag

suggestions to help drive traffic your way. You can also set up an automatic

link between your blog and your social media channels so that new blog posts

are automatically shared with your followers. You can also follow specific

feeds to see posts by your favorite brands or keep up with your competitors.

Enjoy GIPHY and emoji support

You can easily use GIPHY to integrate GIFs

into your social media posts to make them more engaging and increase your

chances of getting shares. DrumUp also works with emojis to allow you to easily

add flair to your content.

Use DrumUp Analytics to monitor engagements

DrumUp has an effective analytics system to

monitor user engagements across your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook profiles.

This can help you see what users are interacting with your posts to help you

further tailor your content to the interests of your followers, as well as see

what content works well and what doesn’t.



SocialPilot is another one of the Hootsuite

alternatives that should not be overlooked. It offers a lot of great advanced

features that help provide you with timesaving and convenient content and



from automatically curated content or advanced searching

SocialPilot will automatically compile

relevant news on your dashboard. You can choose to see news from a variety of

industries, like business, fashion, marketing, and more. You can also use

SocialPilot’s advanced search engine to find credible and interesting topics to

use in your social media content. This advanced search option makes it easy for

you to track certain brands, keywords, or keep up with competition on the spot.

Its automatic analysis will help provide you with the most popular and engaging

content online.


schedule, even across different time zones

SocialPilot allows you to schedule bulk posts

all at once and easily update or edit queued posts. Posts can easily be

scheduled by different time zones and a single post can easily and

automatically be shared across all of your supported social media channels at

once. SocialPilot offers a built-in calendar feature that allows you easily get

a visual of previous and upcoming scheduled posts.


with convenience

SocialPilot allows content to be easily shared

and edited by your entire team or you can select which members of your team

have editing rights. All of SocialPilots features are easily accessed through

their app, which can be downloaded both for iOS and Android. They also offer a

Google Chrome extension if you prefer to work on your computer.


SocialPilot to post on all of your main media profiles

SocialPilot allows you to post on Facebook

(Groups and Pages), LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. While it does not offer as

many social channel options as Hootsuite or Buffer, it does cover all of the

most popular available.

There’s better out there than Hootsuite and Buffer Suggestions

As you can see, there are multiple alternatives out there for finding engaging suggested content that is tailored to your brand or chosen topics. Many of these options even offer the other great features and conveniences of Hootsuite and Buffer.

Whether you are just looking for few content suggestions to save you from pilfering through endless web content, or you want something more advanced like a social media manager to save you loads of time, there are multiple alternatives out there for you.


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