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January 11, 2024

Your Complete Guide to White Label Social Media Management

Are you a marketing agency looking to scale your business? Perhaps you’re searching for a way to take the time and effort out of social media management to help you focus on other areas of your business?

Well, we may have just the answer; white label social media management.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the concept behind white label services, the benefits and how hiring a white label social media marketing agency could be the ticket to successfully scaling your business.

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What is white labeling? 

White labeling is quite a simple concept. Generally, this is when a company removes the branding from a product or service and instead uses the branding of the purchaser to allow the purchaser to sell the product or service on as their own.

While you may have never come across the term “white labeling” before, you have probably bought or seen something that has gone through the white label process.

Cereal is a good example. When you go to the grocery store and look for your favorite cereal, there is often a wide selection of the same cereal but with different brands and names. This is because they have the same manufacturer and have been white labeled to use different branding. 

White label social media management is the same idea. Instead, this is when a white label agency provides social media content management services - such as content creation, scheduling and analytics -  that you can package and resell to your own clients.

Who benefits from white labeling? 

Any marketing agency who offers social media management services can reap the advantages of white labeling - whether you’re a start-up or well established. It’s particularly useful for those who want to scale their businesses without the costs, time and effort that comes with either doing social media management on your own, or from hiring new employees.

Or perhaps, you’re a marketing agency that doesn’t specialize in social media. White labeling gives you the opportunity to expand your services by outsourcing the social media management which, in turn, will help you scale your business that way.

Freelance marketers may also benefit from using white label agencies. If you’ve recently secured some new clients and the social media marketing side of things is taking too much of your time, white label social media management will free up some of that time for you to focus on other things, such as admin or your own marketing.

How does white labeling work?

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably keen to know more about how white labeling works and exactly how you can benefit from white label social media management. 

The first step is to do your research and choose a white label social media marketing agency that is reputable, like MixBloom

We’re a white label social media agency with a team of experienced Social Media Managers ready to take the social media management process off your hands so that you can present quality, custom social media content to your clients, without having to hire someone in-house to do it. 

Here’s what to expect when you choose MixBloom: 

  1. We’ll invite you to an onboarding session - here we will introduce ourselves and show you how we work. At this stage, we’ll go through all things strategy and agree on one that will allow you to attract the right eyeballs and curate content that encompasses the brand’s tone and personality. 
  2. You’ll be introduced to one of our Social Media Managers, who will be the one getting to know the brand down to a T and crafting all of the content for the brand. 
  3. After we have a strong strategy in place, your Social Media Manager will get straight to creating a schedule of custom social media content, which includes image and copy adapted for each social media channel. 
  4. The next step is the all important feedback and approval. Once the Social Media Manager has uploaded the schedule onto the interactive dashboard, you and your client will be able to review the content and send feedback on individual posts, ask for changes or approve the content. Taking on board any feedback, revisions will be made within just a few hours.
  5. You can leave the scheduling and posting to us too. We’ll take care of publishing the approved content, on time, on all agreed social media platforms.

The benefits of using us for your white label social media management

One of your biggest assets as a business owner is your time, and how you spend your time is vital to the success of your business. Outsourcing your social media management to a white label agency will save your agency time so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Taking into account the lengthy process behind social media marketing - strategizing, content creation, scheduling, publishing, and analytics - just one week’s schedule can take up hours out of your working week. If you outsource this to our Social Media Managers here at MixBloom, it will free up some of your diary to focus on other areas and help you take control of scaling up (or down) your business.

And, even the onboarding process of a white label social media agency will save you time compared to the process of hiring an in-house Social Media Manager. Think of it like this - the average time of the hiring process takes 42 days. Once onboarded, you will have to think about training them up and it can be weeks or months before the new employee is settled. At MixBloom, we already have a team waiting to take your clients’ social content to the next level within just days. 

For most, scaling up means growing your business. If it’s time to scale up your marketing agency, it’s sensible to find a solution that’s going to be cost-effective. 

Sure, you may see growing your business as hiring more employees, or winning more clients, but this will only convert to profit if you’re savvy with your decisions - white labeling could be the solution. 

Hiring a white label social media agency is an obvious choice when it comes to saving you some dough. The cost of hiring an in-house Social Media Manager can rack up a hefty bill, yet it still gives you a limit on the amount of client work you can take on. With a white label social media management agency,  you can scale your clients without having to worry about scaling your team - giving you ultimate flexibility to add or drop clients as and when you need.

Why not give it a try with our 7 days free trial? Try our white label social media services for two weeks without any commitment.

The difference in price between white labeling vs hiring an in-house Social Media Manager

So, we’ve mentioned that white label social media management is a money-saving solution for marketing agencies but what is the difference between the prices of hiring in-house, and is it actually worth it?

Let’s consider the costs that are associated with hiring an in-house Social Media Manager. 

First, there’s the cost of filling the position. As well as being time-consuming, it costs an employer an average of over $4000 to fill a position. 

Of course, the main cost is the salary. For a Social Media Manager in the USA, the salary can be over $70,000. Not to mention the employee benefits - training, pension, workspaces, team building days, Christmas parties etc - that can add a few thousand to the total cost. 

When compared with the price of hiring an in-house Social Media Manager, a white label agency is the obvious choice to save money. Here’s why. 

As we’re not an employee, there are no fees involved in filling the position or employee benefits - it’s ultimately free to get us on board - saving you thousands before the social media management service is even accounted for. 

Even with our premium social media management service - the ‘professional’ - you’d be looking at paying just over $6000 for one client, for one year. If you had 10 clients - which would be unrealistic for one employee to manage in-house - you’d still have change from the price of the average Social Media Manager salary. 

As a marketing agency expanding your services to include social media, we’d recommend starting on the ‘starter’ package, which would set you back just $199 per month - a huge saving compared to a salaried employee. 

See our pricing and what you get for your buck.

Ready to scale your business? Let us take care of your social media marketing services and help you save time and money whilst giving your clients’ social media platforms a boost.

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