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January 11, 2024

Top Sites And Job Boards to Hire A Social Media Manager

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A social media manager is responsible for developing your social media strategy and driving engagement on your social media platforms.

Social media’s exponential growth over the years has made these channels an integral part of any brand’s marketing plan. More than 4.55 billion people use social media, which is more than half the global population. 6 out of every 10 people have a social media account.


Here are some of the top sites and job boards you can use to find and hire a social media manager for your business. 



MixBloom is the best alternative to hiring a social media manager in-house or a freelancer if you're looking for an affordable option to build and maintain a presence on social media with high quality custom content. 


With MixBloom you don’t post a job or hire a freelancer, we assign you a dedicated social media manager from our team of talented creatives.

MixBloom is 100% focused on providing quality social media content, delivered systematically, always on time, every two weeks.

With MixBloom you don’t just get the content, we provide a tool for you to manage your content schedule, send feedback to your social media manager and approve the content.

Once approved, content is scheduled and published for you on your social accounts. You can post to up to 4 networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

One of the advantages with MixBloom is that you don't waste any time posting a job, screening applicants, signing a contract and training some one. You get to hit the ground running with a professional social media manager, trained to create the highest quality content including graphics and copy.

We offer fixed price packages from $199/month to $449/month to manage your social media accounts, focusing on content creation.

Check MixBloom's online reviews or get started with a free trial if you're interested in trying it out.


ProBlogger Jobs

On ProBlogger Jobs you can find several writers and other social media professionals looking for jobs. It could be a great platform to hire a social media manager for your brand. As an employer, you can manage all your job listings from the “Employer Panel” on the employer dashboard.

You can also select any of their advertisement packages to create a job listing. In case you want to run your job listing again after a few days, you can republish your ad. The ad form will be auto-populated with details from your existing ad. All you need to do is select a listing fee and publish the ad.

Posting a job on the site starts at $80. 


Whether you want to hire a freelancer or a full-time contractor, it is all possible on Upwork. Creating your job post is quite easy and helps you reach out to talented professionals on Upwork’s work marketplace. You can create your job posts from the client account dashboard for short-term and long-term work.

When it comes to promoting your job post, you can share it with everyone, whether they have an Upwork account or not. You can also limit the visibility of your job ad to the Upwork community or share it only with select individuals on the platform. Upwork has both free and paid plans. The paid plans start at $49.99 per month. Their business model includes charging a fee on hourly or fixed rates to both you (10%) as the job poster and the freelancer.

Working Nomads 

Working Nomads is a remote job board where you can find professionals specializing in social media, marketing, software development, and more. Since Working Nomads includes a global talent pool, you can access a wider talent pool which is not possible domestically.


The people you find on Working Nomads generally like to enjoy a good work-life balance, making an income working remotely while exploring the world.


One job posting on Working Nomads will cost $149.



Mashable is an online news site with over 20 million visitors per month. The job board on Mashable gives you access to a large community of digital talent. The Job board has 45 million monthly visitors and offers job listings from twelve countries. If you want to post job ads on Mashable, you can buy a single or multi-pack subscription package. Job posts are not only shared on Mashable but also on partner websites, such as Nexxt and Adzuna.


The pricing for a 30-day standard listing starts from $259. The job board sends alerts to candidates, and the website also offers a candidate tracking system.


Simply Hired

Simply Hired are an online recruiter and job search engine and one of the most popular websites to view job ads. It pulls listings and advertisements from other websites and advertises them on their own pages. If you are looking for a cost-effective job board to post your ad for a social media manager, then Simply Hired is a good choice. You can post job ads on Simply Hired for free. They also have a pay-per-contact model. Using this model, you can pay to contact candidates after you have reviewed their resumes and application. You will need to pay about $4.99 to reveal a candidate’s contact information. The pricing may change, depending on the industry, job title, and other such factors.


Smart Recruiter

Smart Recruiter is a talent acquisition platform that helps you recruit the best talent for your business. Besides applicant tracking, the platform also offers several AI, collaboration, and assessment tools for companies to attract, select, and hire the right talent. Recruiters across multiple industries, such as technology, retail, hospitality, and more, prefer to use the platform for their recruitment needs.

It is also easy to collaborate and communicate with candidates, manage job ads, and schedule interviews through a single dashboard. You can also get all hiring-related information relevant to an individual through the personalized news feed service called Hireloop. Candidates can check their application status and connect with your hiring team through a dedicated portal on Smart Recruiter. You can post job ads for free on Smart Recruiter.


Maker Pad

Maker Pad is a leading website for creating software without writing code. Its Job Board curates some of the best vacancies at innovative companies around the globe.


Thanks to its resources and tutorials on no-code software, numerous tech companies use the platform to find the right candidates for their business. Thousands of companies and individuals use Maker Pad to build websites and apps and run online businesses without having to learn code. You will find thousands of talented professionals specializing in tech, marketing, social media, and more. If you are looking for a social media manager, Maker Pad could be a good place to start.



Linkedin Jobs is a great platform for hiring full time employees. The process of hiring and applying is very easy and streamlined on this platform.

Another advantage of LinkedIn is that you get to know the candidates better before requesting a meeting them for an interview. You can review their professional qualifications and how they manage their own profiles. The way a candidate manages their profile says a lot about how detail-oriented they are. One of the key skills of a social media manager is an eye for detail.

You can post your job ad for a social media manager on LinkedIn for free. You can pay to sponsor it and give it more visibility. You can also ask for referrals so that you attract the right talent.



Finding a full time social media manager can make a difference for your business, and Indeed can help you do just that. With over 250 million monthly visitors, Indeed is one of the largest job sites in the world. You can find talent in every possible field, including social media.

You can post a job listing for free on Indeed. However, paying to sponsor your job ad ensures better visibility during job searches.

You should also optimize your Indeed company page so that candidates can get to know your company better. You can create a stronger presence on Indeed by featuring employee reviews, ratings, and company updates on your page. You could also add priority roles on your page. This will help you compete to get the best talent available on the platform.


You could also include a list of screener questions for candidates that apply to your job ad. These questions can help you determine if the candidates match your hiring criteria or not. You could pick a few screener questions from Indeed’s pre-written questions, or you could create your own. The Employer Dashboard on Indeed can help you filter out candidates based on their answers. You may also filter candidates using other factors, such as location, education qualifications, and others.


The quality assessments on Indeed are also a great way to quickly identify quality candidates. You could test their technical skills or even other soft skills like critical thinking.




Knowing the right place to hire a social media manager is critical. You must find the right person you can entrust with your social media strategy because your online presence is crucial for your business’s success. This is especially true for small business owners.


If you are looking for a social media manager, an excellent place to start is social media itself. However, the other job sites listed above can also be quite helpful in finding the right candidate to handle your online presence.


At MixBloom, we hire the best social media managers. We then train them on our systems and processes and help them work with you to and make sure you're always getting the highest quality content, on time.

We start with a thorough onboarding process, learning about your brand, and then deliver content for you to review every two weeks. We take care of all feedback and edits, and publish the content for you.

If you're willing to give it a try, you can start with a free trial today.t

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