10 Best White Label Social Media Management Software for Agencies

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If you own a digital marketing agency, you have probably used certain software programs to schedule, design and format your social media posts. These apps can be a godsend for your business and they’re so easy to use.

You can often operate your entire social media project from this single platform, including communication with the client and creating graphics.

However, there's a catch to these super convenient software programs! They are under another brand, which makes your company look a little unprofessional.

The solution? White label social media management platforms.

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What is White Label Social Media Management?

Have you ever heard of the concept of “store brands”?

Wholefoods has "365", Trader Joes has "Trader Joes." There isn’t a Trader Joes factory that makes all of their store brand products - they seek out “private label” or “white label” companies that are making food products they find interesting, and then put their own label on it.

This same concept is seen in white label social media software programs. A digital marketing agency will sign up to use one of these platforms and instead of it having the app creator's logo on it, it will have the logo of the digital marketing agency.

If you are already paying for social media software, you might as well use one that reflects your brand, right?

What Are the Top Features of White Label Social Media Management Products?

Some of the top features you might find in a white label social media management platform include:

A Scheduler

This will allow you (or your client) to input their posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc into a calendar and let the magic of the internet post them automatically.

Recommended Sources

Another feature to look out for in your white label social media management app is a recommended list of sources to use in content. This is like an automatic search engine that filters in relevant news articles or images into the post you’re working on.

Access to Stock Images

Some white label social media management apps will give you access to a whole library of stock photos and videos that you can use in your posts.

Data Tracking & Analytics

You may also want a dashboard that displays things like how many times a link was clicked on in a post, likes, comments and how the post performed in general. This will give you a good indicator on what's working well and what isn't, to ultimately inform your social media strategy.

Easy communication streams

The best white label social media management platforms - like ours here at MixBloom😉 - have built-in messaging options so you can manage client feedback and change requests easily.

You may also find software with an option for the client to check comments left by followers, with a feature to respond to these comments directly through the app.


Do You Need Software? Or Software + Service?

Buying a white label social media management app is one big step in the right direction, but you’ll find that most of your clients have come to your agency for more than just an app.

They want help creating, designing and scheduling their posts.

This is where you might want to consider a white label social media management service like MixBloom. We provide not only a white label app, but also a secret, white label social marketing team that will design the posts, bring social strategy expertise, communicate with the client, and basically do everything you would hope a social media marketing agency would do.

A lot of marketing agencies don’t have the staff or software to run a social media department, but want to start providing this service to their clients.

Working with a white label social media management service that provides both a software program with your logo on it and the actual creation of the posts can be exactly what your agency needs to grow.

What Services Does a White Label Social Media Management Agency Offer?

When you enlist the help of a white label service for social media, you should make sure they provide the following:

1. Easy-to-follow onboarding process

Since the white label social media team will be doing all of the communication with your client, they should also have an onboarding process in place, teaching the client how to use the app to reply to comments and check performance stats.

When you sign up for MixBloom, you'll first have a strategy session with Jessica, our Lead Social Media Manager.

She'll walk you through how everything works, assess your needs and match you with a personal Social Media Manager who will be best suited to your needs. Meet our team here.

Within a few days you'll receive your first batch of content in the dashboard for your approval or feedback! It really couldn't be simpler.

Oh, and we offer unlimited revisions to make sure your content is perfect. Speaking of content....

Create and schedule content

The main task of a white label social media team is to create original posts, and schedule them so they will be automatically posted to the accounts. Make sure this is their top priority in serving you and your clients. 

2. Create and schedule content

The main task of a white label social media team is to create original posts, and schedule them so they will be automatically posted to the accounts. Make sure this is their top priority in serving you and your clients.

While many white label social media agencies focus on providing cheap content in bulk, MixBloom focuses more on high-quality, customized content that is tailored to your strategy and goals. All of our Social Media Managers are native English speakers who have their finger on the pulse of what's happening on social media, so your content is always engaging and relevant.

3. Utilize SEO in the social posts

Sometimes when you search for something on Google, you will be recommended a social media post from Facebook or Twitter. The white label social media company you end up working with should have some strategies in place to get your clients’ posts to the top of Google.

4. Create custom images

Stock photos are great, but an experienced white label social media management agency will actually create and post custom graphics that align with your client’s brand.

Check out more examples of our work, including videos and captions, here!

Best White Label Social Media Management Software (& Services) for 2023

Here are some of our top recommendations for social media white label software programs:

1. Sendible

Sendible is one of the best social media white label apps on the market.

When you sign up for one of their plans, you will receive access to an easy-to-use social media platform with a ton of cool features like @mention monitoring, automatic pixel adjustment, Grammarly-style spell checker and simple ROIL reports that your clients will actually understand.

Sendible's white label pricing ranges from $240 to $560 per month.

2. Cloud Campaign

Cloud Campaign has a super simple layout, making it very user-friendly, especially for clients who aren’t used to using desktop apps for social media.

Cloud Campaign offers 2 white label plans, ranging from $191 to $291 per month.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most used social media manager software programs out there.

What really sets them apart is their easy-to-read analytics dashboard. They provide simple, color-coded graphs that will tell your clients right away how well their posts are performing.

Like many of the other apps we’ve already mentioned, Sprout Social offers 3 different payment plans starting from $89 per month to manage 5 clients

4. MixBloom

MixBloom offers white label services, all of which come with access to a user-friendly white label social media management dashboard.


What really makes MixBloom stand out is the fact that we provide both our white label app and social media content creation starting at only $239 per month. Apply for our free 14-day-trial here.

We also offer:

  • A dedicated Social Media Manager plus a backup team in case they’re unavailable for total reliability
  • An onboarding strategy consultation, plus monthly check-ins with our Lead Social Media Manager and your dedicated Social Media Manager
  • An intuitive white label dashboard with your agency’s brand, logo, colors and domain. The dashboard allows your agency, your dedicated account manager, and your client to schedule content and communicate directly while you retain control over the whole process
  • The white label dashboard is included for free in all plans
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All native English speaking managers
  • Focus on high quality, stylish content

If you’re an agency that’s just starting to introduce social media marketing to your clients, but don't want to invest too much too soon into expensive software and a whole staff of people, MixBloom would be a great choice!

We also serve established social media agencies who are ready to scale.

5. HeyOrca

HeyOrca’s motto is: “The social media calendar that your clients will actually love”.

Their white label social media platform includes a color-coded social media calendar, direct publishing capabilities and a library of stock photos.

Their white label option is available on their Pro plan for $149 per month.

Click here to read our full review on HeyOrca.

6. Planable

Planable claims that their app is a lot less “painful” than others on the market. When you design a post on Planable, you get to see exactly what it will look like on other devices.

They also have a drag-and-drop style calendar that displays the full post, including the image, so you get an advanced look on what your month of content physically looks like.

Planable’s white label option is available on their Enterprise plan, which offers custom pricing.

This could be a great choice for agencies that are just starting to test the waters in the social media marketing space.

7. Sprinklr

Sprinklr provides not just a social media management app, but a whole slew of business management tools. Their “modern marketing” platform is used by businesses to plan their social media campaigns, design posts and communicate with their clients.

Sprinklr uses unique AI technology to monitor posts as they’re being created. This way, you’ll be alerted if a post is repetitive and you’ll even be given suggestions for keywords.

Their pricing isn’t posted on their website, but you can request it through filling out a form on their website.

8. CoSend

CoSend is a social media white label scheduler with an attractive, easy-to-use dashboard.

It includes features like analytics, a panoramic calendar, a design tool, a huge library of images and a discovery tool that shows you recent, trending events.

The pricing starts at $560 per month and includes a customized scheduler that includes your company logo and the specific terminology you use.

9. Vendasta

Vendasta is a white label social media platform that’s specifically geared towards marketing agencies who serve local businesses.

When you sign up for their platform, you don’t only get their social media marketing app, but also apps to help manage online shops and order fulfillment.

Vendasta doesn’t have any prices posted, but you can fill out your email on the website and they will send you more information.

Read our full review on Vendasta.

10. Social Pilot

Social Pilot offers an all-in-one social media platform with the option to make it white label.

They have everything you need to run a successful social media campaign including a flexible scheduler (which helps to calculate time zones), automatic URL shortening and curation tools that automatically suggest ideas, so you put out the most relevant content possible.

Closing thoughts

Whether you are looking for just the app or a social media service combined with an app like MixBloom, you really can’t go wrong with going white label. It’s a great way to integrate social media marketing services into your agency without spending too much money up front, or scaling an existing social media management offer.

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