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January 11, 2024

Top 3 Signs That You Should Be Outsourcing Your Social Media Content

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This post in a nutshell:

  • The top 3 signs you should be outsourcing your social media management
  • How to transition from an in-house team to a fully outsourced social media department
  • The costs of outsourcing social media

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of client social media work on your plate?

Are you putting off big-picture items because you have so many small content tasks at hand? 

Outsourcing social media content can be a great way to streamline your workload and become more efficient, while also freeing up time in your schedule. 

Read below to learn more about how outsourcing work can help your agency grow.


The 3 Signs that You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

You don’t have time to focus on the big picture

Understanding when you need to outsource is essential to being a leader. 

If you feel like you’re so focused on the “busy work” that you’re not able to invest your time in other - and larger - areas of your business, outsourcing your social media marketing is a great solution. 

This is one of the easiest ways to clear up your daily workload. 

Have you ever considered a white-label social media agency, like MixBloom?

MixBloom makes it possible for you to focus on growing and expanding your agency by taking on the daily tasks of creating and posting your social media content so you don’t have to.

You are spending way too much money on an in-house team

Social media marketing is a skilled job that needs skilled people to make it a success. As well as the costs of paying a salary for a team of in-house professionals, there are the costs of employee benefits, training, office space and equipment etc, that can rack up a hefty bill.

The cost to outsource social media content can be significantly less than hiring an in-house social media team. You should also take into account that when you’re outsourcing experts, you are guaranteeing experience, consistency and creativity - which you might not get straight away hiring a new in-house team.

Be conscious and realistic! 

You are turning away business because your team is at capacity

Missing out on business opportunities is never good for your agency, especially if it can be avoided with a little extra help.

If you and your team are overwhelmed with work, outsourcing social media content can be a huge advantage. Social media experts have the time to create meaningful, everlasting impressions through content to capture your audience and potential business.

By outsourcing this work, your team is not overworked, you’re not losing business, and you’re getting the assistance that you need in order to maintain your business’ reputation and standards.

How to Transition From An In-House Team to a Fully Outsourced Social Media Department

To begin the process of outsourcing social media marketing, these are some ways to get started:

  1. Identify the need for outsourcing - take a look at the hours you spend on social media marketing and determine where these hours could be better spent.
  2. Find a white-label social media service that works well for your business model - agencies like MixBloom are an extension to your business, making the onboarding seamless and easy.
  3. Slowly transition your clients over to your new service – seamless onboarding is important for a successful transition to a new platform. Providing as much detail as possible during the onboarding process is key to a success transition. Some of the best onboarding questions that we use here at MixBloom are: Who are you? Who is your ideal audience? Who is your competition? We utilize social media strategy sessions where we learn and gather information about your company to help create a seamless transition from in-house to white label.
  4. Grow, Grow, Grow! – there is the potential to make more money when you outsource social media marketing. When you are saving time, you are able to work on other aspects of your business that can help you grow, while you save time and money. 

The Cost Breakdown of Outsourcing Social Media

At MixBloom, we offer 3 social media plans:

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 15.52.09.png

Some features and benefits of MixBloom include:

  • No contracts or minimum terms, so you can seamlessly add or remove clients from your plan once you’ve signed up.
  • A dashboard that makes it easy for you to review content, leave feedback, request edits, and approve content for publishing.
  • Writers based in the US, Canada, and UK that have a wide-range of industry expertise to create high-quality content that is planned, created, and published for you. 

Did something catch your eye? Start your 7 days free trial

Social media outsourcing is getting more popular day-by-day, allowing more agencies the time to focus on the bigger aspects of their business, while taking full advantage of the benefits of social media optimization. 

Outsource with MixBloom today!

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