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April 10, 2024

99DollarSocial Alternative: MixBloom vs 99DollarSocial

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One of the most frustrating aspects of working in the industry is that we see all too often how undervalued social media marketing can be. 

And what’s worse? Being an agency owner, knowing that you should be doing social media marketing, but just not having enough hours in the day to do it. 

We get it, it’s easy to get so bogged down in client work and other responsibilities that social media work gets pushed further down the to-do list.

Considering the strategy, planning, approval and sign-off, posting, paid ads, engagement, and analytics and reporting, a successful social strategy involves time and skills that agencies don’t always have capacity for.

Sure, you can expand your in-house team and find someone to take on the social side of things, but this can be costly, and might not be the best way to scale or grow your agency.

Luckily for agencies around the world, there are white label social media marketing agencies ready to take these responsibilities out of the hands of agency owners to boost engagement, generate leads and increase web traffic (to name just a few perks 😉)

In this article, we’ll be putting the spotlight on two social media marketing agencies - MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social - to see how they compare and identify which one is a better fit for your agency.

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MixBloom (that’s us, hello 👋) is a white label social media agency that offers social media content creation exclusively for marketing agencies (we don't work directly with brands) by creating effective and engaging content at scale. 

We boast a specialist team of social media managers and content creators - 100% native English speakers working across the US, Canada and UK - who take care of all things strategy, creation, scheduling and posting, so agency owners can focus on other areas of their business. 

Over the years, we’ve gained a respectable reputation of navigating many digital agencies through growth and social media marketing success - the MixBloom review section speaks for itself!

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99 Dollar Social

Based in Delaware, US, 99 Dollar Social is a social media marketing agency that offers a content management service to small businesses. They also have a white label option, which we'll look at more later.

They pride themselves on helping small organizations and entrepreneurs establish their company’s relevance, credibility and approachability by increasing its social media presence and offering an affordable basic service priced at just - you guessed it -  $99 per month.

But how do these agencies compare? Let’s take a look…

First, are these services even comparable?

MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social’s business models are pretty similar - you choose a plan and the social media managers and content specialists will deliver the social media management work. 

And one of the main similarities between MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social - which not all agencies offer - is the white label service. MixBloom ONLY works with other agencies and does NOT work directly with businesses or brands, and 99 Dollar Social works with both.

White label social media management allows you to resell the social media content to your own clients without having to hire people in-house to do the work. The beauty of this is that your client never has to know what you have used an agency to do the work.

So with both agencies offering similar services, with similar business models, employee/freelancer structure and white label solutions, we can compare the two agencies, see how they differ and establish which one is the best option for you.

What are the differences between MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social?

The first key difference between us and 99 Dollar Social is 99 Dollar Social serves businesses and agencies, while MixBloom only works with other agencies.

We’re all about freeing up agency owners’ time to work on other things, such as client acquisition, nurturing client relationships, or whatever their zone of genius may be.

So this is the main difference between us; however there are 3 more important differences:

MixBloom offers a designated social media manager ✅

To create the best social media content for your agency, it’s important for us to fully understand your business and your goals, and align these with your other marketing communications. 

That’s why all MixBloom clients get a designated social media manager who will form a strong working relationship, be the main point of contact and manage all of your social media content. (Meet our team!) And if your designated social media manager is unavailable for any reason, or you simply want to try someone with a different style, we always have other team members available to step in so your content never skips a beat.

This sets us apart from agencies like 99 Dollar Social, who don’t offer a single dedicated account manager. So, your account may be managed by multiple people, and it’s not always guaranteed that the content specialist who is working on your social media management knows the ins and outs of your agency or your brand voice. 

MixBloom offers unlimited content revisions

Once all social media content is drafted, both MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social clients can go into their respective dashboards and review and request any edits to the content. 

With us at MixBloom, we give our clients unlimited edit requests to make sure we get the content absolutely right before we put it out to the masses. It’s not clear how many edits you get with 99 Dollar Social. 

MixBloom focuses on quality over quantity ✅

Another one of the differences between MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social is the amount of social media posts you get for your buck. Of course, on paper, 99 Dollar Social’s 7 days a week/365 days a year social media content calendar seems like a good deal compared to MixBloom’s 8 - 20 posts per month. 

But, there’s a reason we don’t offer daily social media posts. 

Our team works hard everyday to create high quality content for your social media networks that will educate, entertain and engage your audience. We believe that posting everyday runs the risk of over-saturating your audience’s feeds that will steer your agency’s voice and messages in the wrong direction. 

For us, it’s quality over quantity! 


Now let's look at what you get with each package.

99 Dollar Social: 

Standard Plan - $99 per month

  • 10 posts per month across one network
  • High-quality visuals
  • Captions and hashtags
  • Scheduling and posting
  • Priority support

Plus Plan - $189 per month

  • 20 posts per month across one network
  • Everything else in the Standard Plan 

Premium Plan - $279

  • 30 posts per month across one network
  • Everything else in the Standard and Plus Plans

99 Dollar Social also has a range of add-ons available at a cost including blog writing, email marketing, short-form videos, Instagram Stories and Instagram carousels. 


Starter - $239 per month + $150 one time fee

  • 8 posts per month
  • 8 custom images
  • Up to 2 networks 
  • Unlimited revisions

Business - $359 per month + $150 one time fee

  • 12 posts per month
  • 12 custom images per month
  • Up to 4 networks 
  • Unlimited revisions

Growth - $539 + $150 one time fee

  • 20 posts per month
  • 20 custom images per month
  • Up to 4 networks 
  • Unlimited revisions

We’ve also got plans with video, so the Standard Plus is $299, the Business Plus is $449 and the Growth Plus is $659 per month.

Hands up - as you can see, MixBloom is the pricier one of the two. 

However, when you take into account the quality of content, professional research and personalized client relationship management that you get with MixBloom services, we think we’re worth paying that bit extra for if you want the best results for your agency.

Customer Reviews

Okay, so we may be a little biased about our team and the top-quality services we provide to our clients, so why not check out what others say?

Here is the 99 Dollar Social review page too. 

MixBloom vs 99 Dollar Social - which one is better for you?

Now you’ve had an overview of all of the things MixBloom and 99 Dollar Social has to offer, which one is for you? 

If you’re a small business with a small social media marketing budget, 99 Dollar Social could be the agency for you. 

But if you’re a digital agency looking for an alternative that offers an extra bit of support to get your own social media marketing off the ground with an affordable but premium level of service, we’d be more than happy to see what we can do for you! 

Try us out with a 7-day free trial!

Find out more about MixBloom and how we can help you to reach your own marketing goals.

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