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May 10, 2024

Best White Label Email Marketing Tools of 2024

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White label email marketing software platforms allow you to create, send, and manage email marketing campaigns under your own branding, without displaying the branding of the white label email marketing tool provider.

These white label platforms are used primarily by digital marketing agencies, freelancers and businesses who want to offer email marketing services to clients without building their own email marketing software.

In this article, we'll go through three of the most popular white label email marketing platforms out there, their pros and cons, pricing and reviews.

Brief overview of white label marketing tools

Busy agency owner looking to streamline your marketing processes? Consider using a white label solution! The idea is that another tool or agency will provide the white label digital marketing services that you can rebrand and resell as your own. Your business clients don't need to know that you use white labeling either!

Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros & cons of white label marketing


  1. Speed - let's say you want to add a new service to your website, but you don't want to start from scratch (time-consuming and expensive!), you can use white label services instead! This means you can offer the service much quicker.
  2. Cost-effective solution - white label marketing tools come at a much lower price than if you were to hire someone in-house to deliver the service.
  3. Scalability - the beauty of white label marketing software and agencies is that they can grow alongside you, meaning you can seamlessly scale your agency without the need for big infrastructure and resource investments!
  4. You can focus on other areas - as a busy agency owner, getting a white label provider to take things off your hands gives you more hours in the week to put towards other core activities to help you ready your business goals. Things such as marketing, admin and client acquisition.
  5. Large pool of expertise - white label solutions have experiences and resources within their industry that you can tap into to develop your own digital marketing solution.


  1. Less control - if you're accustomed to being closely involved in client work, it may take a little getting used to, as you lose some of the control over the creative process and final output.
  2. Dependency on providers - as with most software, there's a risk of downtime, service disruptions and other issues that could impact your business objectives and operations.
  3. Limited customization - depending on the white label solution and the package that you choose, there may be restricted customization options, which could make it hard to distinguish your offerings from competitors using the same solution.
  4. Concerns over quality - the quality of white label marketing services can vary among providers. This could lead to potential inconsistencies or issues related to performance, reliability or customer support. We recommend thoroughly checking out each platform and review feedback carefully before committing to a white label partner.

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Types of white label marketing tools

There's a wide selection of white label marketing solutions these days - spanning spanning from comprehensive platforms with all-inclusive marketing suites to specialized tools designed for particular aspects of digital marketing.

White label options in marketing include:

Now let's discuss the top 3 white label email marketing solutions.

White Label Email Marketing

In this section we'll review Braze, Constant Contact and Mailmunch.

1. Braze

Braze is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses to interact with their customers across various channels such as email, push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, and more. Braze enables companies to create personalized and targeted messaging campaigns to enhance user engagement, retention, and monetization.

Pros & Cons


  1. Personalization capabilities - the platform enables highly personalized messaging campaigns based on user behavior, preferences, and demographics, helping to enhance customer experiences and drive engagement.
  2. Segmentation and targeting - Braze offers robust segmentation tools, allowing you to target specific customer segments with tailored messaging, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


  1. Complexity - it can be complex to set up and use, particularly for users without prior experience with similar marketing automation platforms. It may require dedicated training and expertise to fully leverage its capabilities.


Braze doesn't have pricing information on its website.

Ratings & Reviews

The general feedback for Braze is generally positive. Users tend to love the ability to engage customers across multiple channels through personalized and targeted messages.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular email marketing and online survey tool designed primarily for small businesses and non-profit organizations. It allows users to create, send, and track email newsletters, announcements, promotions, and surveys. The platform provides a variety of customizable email templates, list management features, contact segmentation, and analytics tools to help businesses reach their audience effectively and measure the success of their campaigns.

Pros & Cons


  1. Wide range of templates - the platform provides a variety of customizable email templates, making it simple to create professional-looking emails that align with your brand.
  2. Contact management - Constant Contact offers robust contact management features, allowing you to import contacts, segment lists, and maintain GDPR compliance with ease.


  1. Pricing - Constant Contact's pricing plans may be higher compared to some competitors, especially for businesses with larger email lists or more advanced needs.
  2. Limited customization - there is a wide range of templates available on the platform but the customization options may be somewhat limited compared to other email marketing platforms, making it challenging to create highly tailored designs.


As with most of these tools, there are three packages:. The Lite at $12 a month, the Standard at $35 a month and the Premium at $80 a month. The package you choose should depend on how big your email lists are.

Ratings & Reviews

Users generally appreciate Constant Contact for its user-friendly interface, extensive template selection, and reliable customer support, finding it easy to navigate and design visually appealing emails. However, concerns are raised about its pricing plans, especially as email lists grow, and some users feel limited by the platform's customization options.

3. Mailmunch

Mailmunch is a lead generation and email marketing platform that enables website owners to create customizable opt-in forms and landing pages to capture leads, grow email lists, and engage with website visitors. It offers various types of opt-in forms such as pop-ups, embedded forms, top bars, and slide boxes, which can be easily integrated into websites built on platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and others.

Pros & Cons


  1. Ease of use - MailMunch offers a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop builder, making it easy for you to create and customize opt-in forms without any coding knowledge.
  2. Targeting options - you can set up targeting rules based on factors such as exit intent, scroll behavior, time on page, and more, to display forms to the right audience at the right time, increasing the chances of conversion.


  1. Performance - occasionally, you may experience issues with form performance or compatibility with certain website platforms, requiring troubleshooting or assistance from customer support.
  2. Limited free plan - while MailMunch offers a free plan, it comes with limitations on features and the number of subscribers. You may need to upgrade to a paid plan to access advanced features and accommodate larger subscriber lists.


The Premium package starts at $13.99 per month which includes unlimited forms and landing pages, 1000 contacts, unlimited campaigns, email automation, abandoned cart emails for Shopify, premium templates and advanced analytics and reporting.

There's also a calculator on the website where you can select how big your email list is and it will give you a custom pricing option.

Ratings & Reviews

Users like the customizable opt-in forms and the seamless integration with email marketing services and website platform. Some reviews, however, mention design constraints and occasional compatibility glitches.

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White label email marketing tools have revolutionized how businesses and agencies approach their email marketing strategies. There's a plethora of white label email software available to help you enhance your email campaigns, scale your business and provide additional services and value to your client base.

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